Monday, June 23, 2014

When you get dumped on!

Today Gwen and I took the kids to a local "spray park".  It looked like rain and we felt that we might have a very short visit if they cleared the pool at tot swim.  So we opted for this wonderful splash pad and the kids had it to themselves for most of the time we were there.  Zeke stood like a statue, over and over, waiting for the bucket to fill up and then dump on him.  He loved it.  After I snapped this picture of him, I got to thinking about "getting dumped on"! 

How many times have I felt like I was really getting "dumped on" - you know, when you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders?  It was not so pleasant and not something that I wanted to happen over and over.  And then there are the times, like last night, when during worship, I feel as if the Holy Spirit is just dumping on me.  And the feeling is amazing!  Just like Zeke, I could stand there and wait for that dump over and over.  In this case, Zeke was loving getting dumped on by the water.  In fact, he wanted it to happen over and over.  

This is another one of those things that is all about perspective.  It would not be so pleasant to have the water dumping on you, if you were NOT in a spray park.  It could be really nasty.  And when those overwhelming things happen and it is SOOOOO unexpected and all those negative things come at you from left field, it is not so great either.  And it is simply not possible to just shrug everything off and pretend like it doesn't matter. 

But here's the thing!  When you stand under that "dump" of the Holy Spirit, it just washes away all of that other "junk" that has landed on your shoulders.  It is wonderful!  So, you know it is impossible to stop the world from just dumping junk on you.  That just means it is more important to stand in the presence of Jesus, worship, and wait.  Wait for that dump of the Holy Spirit.  And the way that I look at it, I wouldn't mind having to need more opportunities to experience the cleansing of the Holy Spirit.  I want to run and play in the refreshing presence of the Holy Spirit.  And I want to stand and wait just like a little child, for that dump of cleansing and washing water.  Yes, I want to be like Zeke. 

Let's all become like little children, so that we can experience a taste of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth!  

Jesus, thank you for your love and care.  Holy Spirit, thank you for knowing exactly when we need you to come and wash over us.  It is amazing that you never just dump on us, rather you look for us to stand and wait.  Help us to adjust our perspective when we are faced with difficult situations, and remind us to wait for you to help!  Amen

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