Thursday, June 26, 2014

Four year flashback

So today I was thinking about this new "app" that shows you flashbacks for past years.  I have not yet gotten that app, but when I was in a store today, a sales person was showing someone a picture from her phone on that app.  So when I got home, I did a little looking back myself, and realized that 4 years ago today (2010) Ken and I were just beginning one of our longest vacations ever!  I think I would have to say that this 2010 vacation was one of my all time favorite vacations.  This was our first "real" day of that vacation.  On the previous day we had traveled for 15 hours.  This was a long awaited day at Blackwater River State Park in Alabama, near to the Florida border.  We had tried to kayak at this location on a different trip, but it was 32 degrees and snowing on that day.  On this day in 2010 it was beautiful.  The water is really black appearing, caused by a mineral in the soil, but crystal clear.  The sand is the white sand just like the beaches of Pensacola.  For the first hour we were there it was wonderful and we had a quiet paddle.  Until about 9:00am.  Suddenly, it was just a sea of people along the entire stretch of the river.  And there were swimmers and floats and it was just crazy.  This was all caused by the oil spill that had closed all the ocean beaches in Pensacola and the surrounding area.  So everyone was at the Park to swim!  We were glad to be out of there by 10:00am. 

But the rest of this trip was amazing.  We traveled 3860 miles on this trip.  Illinois to Alabama to the Gulf coast of Florida, to Marco Island Florida, to the Atlantic side of Florida.  From there we traveled to Washington DC and then made our way home.  It was 16 days and lots of time in the car, but still really a great time. 

I guess I am spending time flashing back to 2010 vacation is because our vacation this year did not turn out exactly as I planned, and I still feel like I need a vacation!  Isn't it silly how we all seem to need these vacations?  I think it is because we don't have enough rest in our day to day life.  We don't celebrate the Sabbath rest.  Our weekends are so filled with all of the "stuff" that we need to get done, because our work week is so busy.  And just as I have discovered this week (and wrote about yesterday), we don't sit and wait in silence.   And now that I am without a job, this seems really silly.  I have plenty of time, but it is not the same as being away on a vacation.

So, while I still would like to have another vacation to look forward to, I will practice more waiting and more rest.  And deep breathe and relax.  All the while I will be remembering to turn my focus onto Jesus.  And yes, I will also be remembering the relaxing time paddling on that river. 

Jesus, thank you for all the ways you have provided for Ken and I over the past years.  Thank you for vacations and travel and kayaks and beaches and exploring.  Especially thank you for pictures and memories that can remind us of peace and rest.  Holy Spirit, remind us to stop and rest and turn our focus onto you.  Change our perspective to heavenly things!   Amen

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