Saturday, June 28, 2014

A day at the races.... and thinking of snow!

So you know when you kind of drive yourself crazy looking for something that you KNOW just has to be somewhere?   Well, I just spent a couple of hours doing just that!

It all started because Ken was invited to go to the drag races with Doug!  Doug just posted the above picture on facebook with this quote "0-320 in 3.7 seconds, yes please!"   I was thinking about how awesome it is that Doug and Ken love to do these kinds of things together.  And then I remembered another race that Ken and Doug attended.  And I began to look for the photo that had hung on our refrigerator for so long.  Well, I looked and I looked but I just could not find that picture.  It was from a lawn mower race!  Yes, that's right!  A lawn mower race.  Doug was pretty young.  I'm not exactly sure how old he was, but I think he was about 6 or 7.  Consequently I looked through many, many boxes of photos and many, many albums.  I did find this picture, which I am fairly certain was taken on the same day.  The photo I could NOT find was Ken and Doug together. 
I feel so thankful for my adult children!  I feel this so much when Gwen and I spend time together. And when I get to spend time with Susie.  I am so thankful that we love scrapbooking and that gives us a reason to be together.  And a day like today makes me thankful for Ken and Doug's relationship that includes cars, motorcycles, races, and loud music.  Sadly, I was not with Gwen today, although we were supposed to be spending the day together.  A child with a stomach bug was all it took to cancel our plans.  Thankfully, it seems that it was a short lived illness and Lia is feeling much better tonight! 
So, once again, I have been thinking about one of those "Today God wants you to know" posts that show up on my Facebook page.  Here is today's..........
Today, Lyn, we believe God wants you to know that belong.
Like a snowflake, you are same and different from all others. In a bed of snow,
every snowflake belongs and every snowflake is unique.
I am always a bit surprised when these posts hit on something that has been in my thoughts.  I confess that this is something that I struggle with quite a bit.  I have many, many times when I feel sort of "out of place".  Sometimes it may be because I am not with a group of people, sometimes it is because I am older than the group, sometimes there is no obvious reason WHY I feel this way, I just do!  But knowing that you belong is very important.  No one wants to be left out. Right now I think that being out a job is fueling this feeling.   I love this analogy of snow.  I will need to meditate on this and keep this in my head.  Even though it is hot today, I will be thinking about snow.  And I will be reminding myself that I BELONG!  I am in God's family, and because of Jesus, I have a big and wonderful family.  That is where I really belong. 

Jesus, thank you for the reminder today that I belong in your family.  Holy Spirit, thank you for your reminders that help us focus on the truth of who we are in Jesus.   Thank you for Ken and Doug and Susie and Gwen and Tim.   Continue to lead and guide us every day.   Thank you for this picture of snow that will help me remember where I belong!  Amen

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