Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A "make do" kind of a day....

I decided to make some Christmas Cookies today.  It wasn't a quick decision.  In fact I had bought some extra butter at the store on Monday, thinking that I might actually make a batch of my favorite Christmas Cookies....Butter Cookies.  The recipe I use for these cookies is one that I got from my mom.  And she actually got this recipe from my Grandma Johnson.  They are called Butter Butter Cookies - Spritz Cookies.  I am sure that the recipe has been around for a long time, since the late 1800's. I have had my share of cookie presses over the years.  I thought my last one was a really good one.  I loved the way it so evenly pressed the cookies.  And it was easy to use.  So it didn't seem like making cookies would be a big deal today.

I made that batch of cookie dough.  I loaded the first fill of dough into the cookie press, and began to fill the cookie sheet.... that is I actually got 2 cookies on the pan.  Suddenly, the cookie press sort of "exploded"!  There was a loud POP noise and the top flew off of the press in my hand.
You can kind of see the plastic pieces next to the cylinder.  The ring that held the top of the press in place just shattered into lots of little pieces.  Obviously, I need a new cookie press.  But there I was with a batch of dough, ready to go and quite frankly, I was just not ready for a trip to the store.  So I decided to "make do" with these cookies.  I rolled teaspoon sized balls of dough and then flattened them with a small measuring cup.  I then decided to use the press plates as sort of stencil for the colored sugar, that always decorates these cookies.  
Here is the finished products.  I have trees, poinsettias and wreaths....not in the usual way, but, hey, it works!  And they taste pretty good.  

It is kind of interesting that this happened today.  I have had lots of "make do" days lately.  I think it is because nothing seems "normal" anymore.  When you have experienced a loss of a loved one, you know that you have lost your "normal" and everything seems different.  Some of my "make do" days I have spent just more or less sitting on the couch.  I have not wanted to do anything.  Some of the days I have pushed myself to do the things that were already planned for those days.  I have been thankful for those plans that got me out of the house.  I don't remember a time when I have felt so tired.  Even though I am sleeping, I am still tired.  Even with all of this, I have certainly felt the presence and comfort of Jesus.  In fact, there have been many times when I have sensed that these "make do" days are okay.  I just love that Jesus is so gentle with us.  It sure helps me to remember to be gentle with others also.  I have a very different perspective now.  I am very thankful for these "make do" days. 

This morning, long before the cookie making, I was scanning Facebook.  I saw a post from a friend and suddenly I had the strong sense that Jesus was speaking to me about this post.  I was able to pass along this word via "messenger".  When the friend responded with thanks, it really touched me.  It was so good to know that even in these "make do" days, Jesus is still working through me.  

Jesus, thank you for being so present with me.  I don't know how I could do these days, without you.  Holy Spirit, thank you for helping me to walk through the ups and downs of my days.  Thank you for cookies and friends and Facebook!  Jesus, thank you for your great love for all of us.   Amen

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