Thursday, December 11, 2014

Early Christmas myself!

Today I was thrilled to open my mailbox and find this group of books.  I have posted and quoted from these amazing books....and now I own them all.  These are The Passion Translation by Brian Simmons.   There was a Christmas special for the entire set and then one day they actually had 20% off of that price.  So now I have them all at my fingertips.  I have been pouring over them.  Just picking them up and going from favorite verse to favorite verse.  And seeing new and different revelation on every page.  Isn't it funny how something like this can just change your whole attitude?

I was reading my very favorite Psalm.... Psalm 40.... I call it my Slimy Pit Psalm.  In the Passion Translation is reads like this....
"I waited and waited and waited some more; patiently knowing God would come through for me. Then at last, He bent down and listened to my cry.  He stooped down to lift me out of danger from the desolate pit I was in, out of the muddy mess I had fallen into. Now he has lifted me up into a secure place, and steadied me while I walk along his ascending path. A new song for a new day rises up in me because of all the great things He has done. Ecstatic praise pours out of me until everyone hears how God has set me free.  They will see His miracles and stand in awe of God and fall in love with Him!"

Needless to say, this translation has a "desolate pit" rather than a "slimy pit" but the idea is still the same.  The thing I love about this particular Psalm is the ending of this passage!  Because of my reaction to whatever the desolate pit is that I have been freed from, OTHER PEOPLE WILL UNDERSTAND JUST HOW AMAZING AND WONDERFUL MY JESUS IS!  Doesn't this just put a different spin on the terrible things going on in our life?  Just knowing that in some way, some how, Jesus will use these things to His glory.   And I love that there is also a new song that rises up in us.  Don't we all need a new song from time to time?  I am waiting for my new song to rise up in me right now.

Today I spent part of my day with Doug and Susie.  It is so good to be together.  There is something that just feels better being with people who understand exactly where you are at.  For me, it is good to be reassured that we are all holding on.  There are ups and downs.  There are waves of grief that sometimes just pour over us. We are calling out to Jesus and He has lifted us up.  And we are walking on.  It does seem to be an uphill path (an ascending path).  But we are not walking alone.   Jesus is with us.

I am very thankful for the assurance that Jesus is with us all.  I am so grateful for the way that the Holy Spirit brings exactly what we need, at exactly the right time.  Just like these books.  Yes, these books are a special, special gift.  One that will bless me greatly in the months ahead.

Jesus, thank you for new revelation from you Word.  Holy Spirit, thank you for knowing how to break into our day with your wisdom and direction.  Please help us all to stay on that ascending path.  Steady our steps as we take small steps on the way.  Remind us that you will be glorified through our praise.  Thank you for that new song!   Amen

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