Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Another day of remembering......

I'm not sure exactly when I started to remember my sister's death on the wrong date, but today is actually the day.... in 2007.  I decided to use the picture above because it was such a big day for me and both Karen and Roy look so happy.  This picture was taken at the rehearsal dinner the night before Ken and my wedding in 1974.  I actually spent some time looking for a different picture but when I found this one, I knew it was the right one.  I was thinking a lot today about how much I missed Karen during the final years of my mom's life.  I know last year I mentioned how hard it was on my mom to lose Karen.  

As I was sorting through some pictures, I really began to remember all the different ways that Karen blessed my mom. Karen and Roy visited often and were instrumental in helping mom find the exact right apartment to make her home, when she could no longer care for her townhouse.  Karen made sure that mom got to Lake Maud every summer and often spent weeks with her there.  When they visited her they arranged to take her to visit old friends and relatives that she rarely got a chance to visit.  As a matter of fact, there was one year they drove her to her birthplace and found the house, church and cemetery where many of her relatives are buried.  They took her to visit the church in St. Paul that was her dad's first church.  When my Aunt Bee, my mom's sister, was having problems living on her own in Florida, they took my mom and helped her get Aunt Bee settled into a care facility.  And this is just a snippet of all that Karen and Roy did for Mom.

On the way home from my small group this morning, I was thinking about Karen's laugh.  And I can just hear her on the phone "Say Lyn......."  Yes, I was missing her today.   I have been so aware of all of the ways that my past generations have sown into my life and left imprints that have effected who I am.  Today I was remembering Karen's incredible voice.  And then I was thinking of Gwen.  Most people know that Gwen has that incredible voice that you don't forget, once you hear it.  Karen felt a connection to Gwen.  I know it.  I felt it.  She was very proud of the adult that Gwen became.  Yes, I am having another day of thankfulness, even though it is mixed with remembering and a bit of sadness.

We did a lot of talking at my small group, about the conference that we all just attended.  It was really a time of being in the presence and also, hearing a new sound.  We got to talking about all of the past conferences that we have attended and some of the regular Sunday night meetings of the Chicago HUB.  I found this in my journals from June of 2013 from a regular HUB meeting  ..... 
It is raining His reign, we have a piece of His peace, we need to wait for the weight of His glory, and the best present we can get is His presence!  
Isn't it interesting that all of these things that I noted in 2013....came to pass at this conference last week.  I am so thankful for those wonderful gals in my group.  It is so interesting that these "sisters" I have found mean so much to me, especially when I am missing my sister.  I am thankful that my sister Julie and I can talk often by phone and I am also grateful that I will be seeing her soon.  But on a day like today, it is good to have these special ladies in my life.

Yes, the current very exciting new "thing" in the spiritual realm is a long awaited and much prayed for happening.  This was another reminder today that sometimes our idea of timing is not what Jesus has in mind.  The things that have been sown into our family through out our generations, may seem hidden or may even be forgotten by us.  But those seeds of relationship with Jesus, seeds of His presence and power, are not forgotten by Jesus.  They will spring forth, sometimes when we least expect them.  And when we are missing those special people in our life, Jesus will put people right when and were we need them.

Jesus, thank you so much for my family - my sisters and brothers and my parents.  Holy Spirit you bring comfort and peace through friends.  Jesus, thank you for reminding me of all of the words spoken and all the prayers that have been setting the stage for the current powerful presence that we experienced.  Bring the people to places where your Word is being poured out and your presence in being felt.  Jesus, continue to reign down the rain of your presence and power.  Keep us all aware of all that come to us through those who have gone before.  Amen

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