Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Thinking today of my "other" mom and dad..... plus more

Yes, today is another one of "those days" for me.... six years ago today my mother-in-law died.  As I mentioned in my last blog, my father-in-law is currently on hospice and not doing well.  So they were both on my mind today.  I really like both of these "informal" pictures.  Gwen is playing a dulcimer, built by my father-in-law.  And Doug is obviously happy having a book read by grandma.    I am just praying that dad doesn't linger long in hospice.  In so many ways, he has already left this world... sedated and not eating or drinking.  But all of our days are numbered by Jesus.  Only He can determine the length of our life.  So only Jesus knows.

In addition to the conference that is happening this coming weekend, last night I attended this event...The Bible Tour.  Susie had invited Gwen and I to go along with her and her mom.  I had no real expectation about what this event would be.  Today I will say that it was simply amazing.  The combination of the video segments from the mini series "The Bible" and some really great music made it very memorable.  It was a wonderful worship experience.  Right in the middle of the performance there was a break to "advertise" a program that is supported by this tour.... Child Fund International.  Their mission is to provide support for girls from the Rift valley in Kenya.  There was a long video showing those kids.  As soon as that video came on I could feel my heart start to beat faster and I realized I was holding my breath.  It was so familiar to me.  
This is me, in Kenya surrounded by these wonderful people in 2004.   I WANT TO GO BACK!
Okay, I have been asking for direction and clarity and then this happens.  At any rate, I will be praying about this and asking Jesus to speak to me.  And I have this big conference yet to happen!

Never underestimate how and when Jesus will speak to you.  It may be a concert, a video or a song.  Take my word for it, if you are asking and listening.... you will hear!

Jesus, thank you for reminding me that you have spoken to me.  Jesus thank you for numbering our days and bringing us peace and grace as we watch our loved ones at the end of their days.  Holy Spirit, draw people to The Bible Tour that will hear your message clearly.  Thank you for Susie, Gwen, and Sherry and our time together.  And Jesus, thank you for Child Fund International and their work in Kenya.  Bless those sweet children.  Amen

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