Monday, April 27, 2015

Nothing better.........

I know that I have blogged about A&W before, but yesterday Ken and I had a "frosty mug"!  I couldn't pass up this picture of the ice rising up from the mug.  Seriously, nothing tastes better.  Every time I visit an A&W, I think of my mom.  She just loved root beer or a root beer float especially.  And the sun was actually shining.  And it was warmer.  So, yes, I guess Spring has arrived.  (See my last blog post) Therefore, a celebration was in order!

I happened to notice these two really sweet photo's of Ken with his two Grandma's, taken when he was just over a year old.  I have to say, I just love being a Grandma.  There is something so special when you hold those little ones on your lap.  The idea of being connected from generation to generation has been on my mind in the last weeks.  Being able to sow into my grandchildren is a real gift.  

The conference I attended had speakers who are considered the "generals" -  The older generation of women who felt called to pour into all the younger women.  I think I mentioned that one of the speakers actually celebrated her 75th birthday during the conference.  As I said, I love being a grandma,  so I realize that I am in that "older generation".   

Then yesterday, this showed up on The Passion Translation Facebook page......

I had a dream two nights ago.
We were in a stadium with tens of thousands of Christians. Moms, dads, grandparents, and lots of children. It was beautiful! Lots of families enjoying themselves and I was one of the speakers for this Christian event.  The speaker before me was quite old, and somewhat careless with her words. I was surprised that she was not more careful with what she was saying. Then I heard her say about all the kids that were there: "Children are to be seen and... not heard."
My heart was so heavy as the faces of the children present flashed before me, they were hurt, deeply hurt. Then it was my turn to take the mic and I simply said, "The Children MUST be heard! The children have a VOICE that must be heard!" I then knelt down in front of one child after another and looked into their eyes and said, "You have a voice for this day. You have a voice that must be heard."
I awoke with the strong sense that we are on the verge of a "children's revival." The praises of our children have the power to silence the voice of the enemy. May the children's voices be heard in our land again!

Psalm 8:2 The Passion Translation
"You have built a stronghold by the songs of babies.
Strength rises up
With the chorus of singing children.
This kind of praise
Has the power to shut Satan’s mouth.
Childlike worship will silence
The madness of those who oppose you."

This just resonated with my spirit.  So many years ago, I had the strong revelation that I was to speak that Jesus had a plan, purpose and destiny for children.  Not for some point in the future after they are all grown up.  Nothing has excited me as much as this post.  I have been wondering exactly what was ahead for me, and this has given me a small glimpse.  I am praying into this for my grandchildren.  And for all the children!  This is my encouragement to you to read over this dream from Brian Simmons.  Take it in.  Meditate on this and pray for this "children's revival" to break out!  Pray that the voices of the children will be heard in our land!

Jesus, thank you for The Passion Translation and Brian Simmons.  Thank you for reminding me that grandchildren are a blessing.  Holy Spirit, remind us to pray for the children.  Jesus, your heart is to release the sounds of praise from the children.  Give us all ears to hear those sounds, and hearts to support this revival of the children.  Amen

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