Tuesday, April 21, 2015

When memories are thrust upon you!

Early this morning I was rushing around and getting the kids ready to leave for the bus stop.  I sat down on the couch to help Zeke with his shoes and Anna walked up and pushed this in my face....

This is Gwen's "Pretty Lamb"!  She actually got this stuffed lamb in 1982 as an Easter Present from her Grandma and Grandpa.  It was her first really "important" stuffed animal.  She carried it with her for years.  She loved this fluffy little lamb....with a bell in it's ear.  And the bell still rings.  
Anna was quite happy to hug this no longer fluffy, kind of crummy looking and not so pretty lamb.  Yes, it was one of those times when memories were right there, in my face!  I was thinking about all the love that little lamb has gotten over the last more than 30 years.  Yes, I was glad that I kept these precious objects.  

Last week, Gwen was telling me that Zeke has declared his future occupation.  Now, remember that he is still 3 years old (but he will tell you that his birthday is very soon and he is very excited).  Zeke has declared that first he will be a daddy and for his job he is going to build waterfalls for God!  Now as a point of clarification, all fountains are waterfalls.  He loves to see any kind of water display that includes water shooting up.  So I have been thinking about this.....even during the time I was at the conference.  When Barbara Yoder spoke, she talked about old hymns and the depth that is contained in the words of those songs from the past.  Tonight as I started to write this blog, the following song came to my mind....
I have come to the Fountain of Life

I have come to the Fountain of Life,
A fountain that flows from above;
I have passed from the waters of strife
And come to the Elim of love;
I have drunk of the heavenly well,
In the depths of my being it springs.
No mortal can measure or tell
The gladness the Comforter brings.
Oh, come to the Fountain of Life,
The fountain that never runs dry;
Oh, drink of the boundless supply,
  For Christ is the Fountain of Life.

I have come to the Fountain of Blood
That for guilt and uncleanness doth flow;
I have washed in its sin-cleansing flood
And my garments are whiter than snow.
I count not my righteousness mine—
’Tis Jesus that lives in my soul.
I partake of His nature divine,
And in Him I am perfectly whole.

I have come to the Fountain of Health,
A boundless and endless supply;
’Tis a secret man’s wisdom or wealth
Can never discover or buy.
But the secret my Lord hath revealed
In the fountain that flows from His side,
In the stripes by whose pain we are healed,
In Himself as He comes to abide.

I have come to the Fountain of Joy;
His joy is the strength of my heart.
My delight is unmixed with alloy,
My sunshine can never depart.
The fig tree may wither and die,
Earth’s pleasures and prospects decline;
But my fountains can never be dry—
My portion, my joy is divine.
All I was remembering was the chorus that I highlighted above.  But, boy this is a great song about a fountain - Zeke's waterfall.  
And here is Zeke enjoying a waterfall.....on a day when we went to a small indoor waterpark.  He does love water.  I know that there is a call on this little boy - a destiny and a plan for Jesus.  So I would not be surprised if sometime in the future, we look back on this and say, "yep, Zeke knew exactly what he was talking about... he IS building fountains for Jesus".

Now I am sure that you are wondering what in the world I am getting at today.  This does seem like a disjointed and meaningless blog.  But here is the "punch line" to this.  I believe that there has been a spiritual shift happening.  I felt it at the conference this last weekend.  There is a new sound, a new thing, a new way coming that will change everything.  Yes, it is a revival... but it is not like anything you might think of when you hear that word.  It is a move of Jesus and it is all about being in His presence.  I am so thankful Zeke and Anna and Ellie and Lia (like so many other children) are being prepared for this new thing!  Zeke is already hearing from Jesus.  But it is also important to remember that this new thing would not be happening if it were not for the past.  Gwen has certainly poured much more into her children than "Pretty lamb".  But it is a great reminder that we all are connected to our past generations.  That song I remembered actually was written in the mid 1800's. The idea of the fountains of Jesus was alive in the spirit of Albert Simpson when he wrote the lyrics and music for that song.  Even though this is a "new thing", it is good to remember that God never changes.  He has had the plan in place and we are getting the revelation as we walk on.  

Tonight I am thankful for all that I saw, felt and heard at the Chicago HUB conference.  I am thankful for memories and the connection between the generations.  And I am thankful for old hymns that speak to us today.  The new sound .... this new thing...... it is real and it is here.  I can't wait to experience more of Jesus in the days ahead. 

Jesus, thank you so much for this past weekend.  Thank you for memories and reminders of how connected we are to the past.  Thank you for speaking to Zeke and giving his ears to hear!  Holy Spirit, give us peace and expectation about this new thing happening rather than fear and anxiety about the future.  Jesus, thank you for your great plan!  Amen

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