Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The wonder of the creative spirit......

Yesterday I got to see Lia shine on stage... with her classmates in an "Invention Convention".  This is a clever way to encourage the third graders to read biographies and then be able to pass on the information they have learned to others.  There were some "expected" people (Edison, Ford, Wright Brothers) but there were certainly some other, less well known subjects.  Like the one Lia decided to profile, Ruth Wakefield.  Now I am fairly certain that most of you will have no idea who she is, yet I am just as certain that most of you have enjoyed her invention.  She is credited with the invention of the Chocolate Chip Cookie!  YUM!  I saw one child had read a book about the women who invented the flat bottom bag!  (Think brown lunch sacks or grocery bags) And Bill Gates was also found along side Henry Ford.  And then there was a musical presentation.  Lia loves to sing and put on a show and it was evident during the performance.  Yes, it was a wonderful time.

On the way home I was thinking about a recent dream I had.  I saw some friends creating a new "invention" that could quickly and easily turn salt water into drinking water.  At the end of the dream I realized that this was really about turning tears into the living water of the Holy Spirit.  Yes, that would be an amazing new invention.  There have been many recent words about the new "creative" inventions and ideas that would be coming through Christians.  This makes perfect sense when you realize that we are filled with the Holy Spirit and that is the CREATOR himself!   I just wonder how many amazing wonderful new things have been missed because someone doesn't believe that they can create.  Yes, I think its time we start to listen to the ideas, thoughts and even wild dreams of children.

I mentioned in a previous blog that Zeke has already declared that he is going to be building "waterfalls" for Jesus. (Which actually means some kind of fountain or spraying water)  He is also fascinated with roller coasters.  Given that he is 3 years old (soon to be 4) this is kind of interesting.  He doesn't really have much experience with roller coasters, except seeing them from afar.  He has ridden a couple of small coasters, but he is always asking when he can go on a coaster. For now, this will have to do!
Recently, Zeke's preschool class did a recycling project.  Each student brought in recyclable items and the class "created" something.  When the teachers asked the class what they should make, Zeke immediately said a roller coaster!  And he knew just how to make it.  The project usually has robots or cars as the idea.  But not this year..... not with Zeke.
I can only imagine the amazing, wonderful things that Jesus has for Zeke to create!  I can't wait!

And at the same time I know that bringing these inventions to life will take perseverance and even the ability to fail, and then try again.  And it will take vision.  Most importantly it will take the presence of the Holy Spirit and the leading of Jesus.  While Zeke was riding that little roller coaster in the driveway, Gwen and I were watching Anna with her little riding toy. She worked and worked to figure out how to get her leg over that toy so she could ride it.  She has watched Zeke do this over and over and knew what had to happen.  Let me tell you it took a lot of patience on my part to not run over and help her.  But Gwen very wisely, told me to let her keep on trying.  And sure enough, within a few minutes, here was the happy outcome.  She succeeded!  
What powerful lessons I learned yesterday!  Lets all expect the amazing new inventions!  Lets listen to the children when they dream and imagine.  Then take them seriously and encourage them!  Allow them to try and even to fail along the way.  And then celebrate their success. Lets all stop and dream and imagine ourselves!   Can you feel the excitement and hope?  I can!  

Jesus, thank you for this powerful reminder that you are in the business of creating!  Holy Spirit help us to be open to those ideas, thoughts, and imaginings that you bring to us.  Help us to encourage each other to follow through and not be deterred by failures or setbacks.  Jesus, bring these new things to us!   Thank you for children who dream without fear.  Give us all the spirit of children.  Amen

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