Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring where are you???

It was a rather miserable day today - weather wise.  COLD and RAINY.  Now, I know that April is supposed to be raining (you know, April showers bring May flowers).  But 35 degrees is really cold when it is raining.  We had a few days of warm, sunny weather, so this seems just, well kind of icky.

To top off the less than wonderful weather, I have not been feeling well for the last several days.  I'm not sure if it is just allergies (since I am getting constant "weather alerts" for extremely high tree pollen) or if I actually have a little cold.  But the headache is just hanging on.  Sigh.  Spring, where are you?  

Ken and I actually went out looking for some patio furniture today.  I think that we decided that if we act like it is spring, it will actually happen!  We didn't find anything that we wanted, but it was fun to pretend that it was warm enough to sit outside.  
We've been waiting and waiting for our flowering tree to bloom.  It is covered with buds, just about open.  It's as if the tree is in a holding pattern until the "real" spring weather arrives.  

I just love how Jesus speaks to me in these little things all around me.  When I look at the tree, I am filled with the hope of spring.   I just love the Paul Wilbur song "Dance with Me"
Dance with me, O lover of my soul, to the song of all songs.
Romance me, O lover of my soul, to the song of all songs.

Behold, You have come over the hills upon the mountain.
To me You have run, my beloved. You've captured my heart.

With You I will go. You are my love. You are my fair One.
Winter has passed and the springtime has come.

Take my hand, O lover of my soul, sing the song of all songs.
Come and take us to Yourself, O...., sing the song of all songs.

Yes, winter has passed and springtime has come!  But it is not without the wait.  Isn't that exactly where we need to keep our focus?  Not looking back at the cold and dark winter.  Rather looking ahead to the new life and the warmth and wonder of spring.  And even when we want to just snap our fingers and be totally free of all of those things in the past, sometimes there is a period of waiting.  A time of transition between the old and the new.  

I am so thankful that our tree is covered with visible buds.  It makes it so much easier to wait.  Each day they are a bit fuller and a bit whiter.  So even when the temperature is more like December, we can be assured that it is April and Spring is right around the corner.  

Jesus, thank you for seasons and trees that bloom and rain that feeds the earth.  Holy Spirit, help  us to keep our eyes looking forward, towards the warmth and beauty that is to come.  Give us grace to leave the past, in the past.  Jesus, give us all strength to wait patiently for all that you have planned for us bursts forth.   Amen

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