Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Great day to be a parent!

Sometimes things just kind of sneak up on you.  Well, sort of.  This picture is my son Doug, of course.   I know that I have blogged about how musical both of my kids are.  I have talked about all of the various musical things that Gwen does.  And I guess I have mentioned that Doug is also musical.   He started playing saxophone in 5th grade.   He played all through middle school and high school.  He was in the Jazz band starting in 6th grade.  Somewhere around then (I'm not exactly sure what year) Doug bought an electric guitar.  He did take some lessons, but basically taught himself to play.  Then he got a full set of drums.  We used to laugh about the fact that we could here him playing the drums when we were several blocks away.  That drum set took up the better part of his bedroom.  He was mostly responsible about not playing those drums except during the daytime.  It was quiet once he moved out of the house.   I knew that Doug was playing in a band and that he had set up a band practice area in the basement of his home. 

The thing is, Doug hasn't said very much to me about this band!  I guess I should not be overly surprised.   The contrast between my two children is extreme!  Gwen would come home from school and talk.  And talk.  And talk.  I heard about everything that happened.  What all the girls were wearing.  What the teacher was wearing. Especially her shoes.  I got a pretty much play-by-play account of the day.   Then Doug started school.  He would come home.  I would ask "How was your day?"  The always answer was "Fine".  I would try to get further information.... "what happened in school today?"  and the answer was "nothing".  And that was about it.   Now here is where things sort of "snuck up on me".   About a week ago, Susie, Doug's wife, liked the "Crisis Identity" Facebook page.   That is the name of Doug's Band.  And they had a Facebook page.   And when I liked the page and actually went to the page and looked at it, low and behold, there was a link with actual tracks off of a CD that I could listen to.   And pictures of Doug, playing and singing.   Wow.   This was amazing!

I was thinking about a time when Doug was in high school.  He and I had a conversation about what he wanted to do when he "grew up".   He told me that he would love to play music and get paid for it!  He said that he wished he could make enough money doing that, but realistically he knew that was not possible.  I am so thankful that he actually found a career that he loves.  But mostly, tonight, I am so thankful that he has been able to continue to play music.  As a parent you always hope to see your children have their hopes and dreams come true.  And I am so blessed to know that my children are happily walking out their destiny.

What an amazing gift this information was today.   Isn't it wonderful how the Holy Spirit just brings these wonderful little pick-me-ups to us?   It is so wonderful to be surprised and then to realize that there is much more than the surface stuff to the surprise.   In this case, it is that connection to Doug's childhood desire.  And that knowing the joy, as a parent, of seeing your adult children living life to the fullest.  
Tonight I am so proud and thankful.  

Jesus, thank you for my family.   Thank you for Gwen and Doug.  How wonderful it is to be blessed like this today.   Holy Spirit, help all parents to stand by their children, whatever and wherever their children go as adults.   Jesus, I know that you are guiding and leading my children.   Thank you for your care and protection for them.   Amen

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