Monday, March 10, 2014

Taking instructions from a five year old....

Nothing makes a day complete like a bit of playdo.  Ellie was having so much fun today playing with all of her birthday presents.  There was Frozen happening in the TV room, Sophia the First in the dining room, Tinkerbell and the Fairies were in by the Piano and the Cinderella Playdo was on the dining room table.  The Barbies were up in the loft toy room.  The "American Girl" dolls were all over, visiting the various play areas.   Zeke was quite happy playing with the little people.  Anna just was happy to eat and sleep.  Ellie was quite happy to give me some playdo instructions.  She showed me exactly how to use all of the pieces of the Cinderella sets.  It is really amazing what you can do with playdo now.  It used to just be snakes and shapes.  Now you can actually create clothes and other amazing accessories and build an entire Cinderella scene. Wow, how things have changed.  The most amazing part of the playdo was that Ellie and Lia had learned how to use this set BEFORE Ellie got it for her birthday.  They found a YouTube channel for "Playdo" and watched the video for this set over and over.  So by the time she actually got it,  they knew exactly what to do with it.  You've gotta love the internet! 

Spending a day with the grandchildren is like just getting a little slice of their life.   I really don't know how Tim and Gwen do this day after day.  I know that once-upon-a-time I did that same kind of running around and rushing getting the kids off to school.   But that was for 2 kids - not 4. But they do a great job.  What struck me today, is how fast the kids are growing and changing.  Even when I see them every week, they seem more and more grown up.  So I loved it when a very "grown up" five year old Ellie, offered to show me how to use the playdo set.  And then she gave me step by step instructions on how to make an alien out of playdo.  (Apparently Lia had shown Ellie how to do this yesterday).  Needless to say, mine didn't turn out exactly like Ellie's, but she assured me it was just fine!

There is something about being the student rather than the teacher that is so freeing.  I did not have to worry about anything.  There were no lesson plans, no time restraints, no other kids to think about.  I loved that Ellie wanted to show me the video on the IPad so that I could see exactly what to do.  And I especially loved that it was just so much fun.

I think that it would be good for all adults to take a little bit of time to just play with a five year old.  And listen to a two year old tell you all about their day.  And hold a precious little baby.  And then hear all about the excitement of a 2nd grader who got a special award today for knowing all of her addition facts up to 10's!  It is a sure prescription for lowering your blood pressure, easing your stress and making you smile!

Jesus, thank you for family and fun.  Holy Spirit, thank you for speaking through little children and showing me the benefits of being the learner rather than the teacher.   Jesus help us all to take time to be a bit like children.   Give us the courage to let go of our adult mindset and the desire to experience life with the wonder of children.  Amen

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