Friday, March 21, 2014

Where I've been all week.......

Well this picture describes where I have been all week.  I started getting sick on Tuesday and it has been an up and down all week.  I caved and actually got antibiotics on Tuesday.  I had one really okay day on Wednesday and then I crashed on Thursday.  During the night on Wednesday I spiked a fever that simply refused to come down.  At one point I was sure that I would have to go to the hospital.  When you have a fever of 102 you are not thinking straight and sure don't feel well.   Thankfully, around noon on Thursday, my fever broke and it has stayed down since.  I actually went to work today and felt moderately well.  I would guess I was about 80%.  The cough with this bronchitis has just about done me in. 

A couple of interesting things about this week's experiences.   First, I was "treated" by a doctor on our new insurance plan called "MDLive".  You actually just call and they call you back.  Sometimes that includes a "video chat", but in my case, all he needed to do was hear me cough and listen to the sequence of events to know that I have bronchitis.  The advantage to this kind of sick visit was amazing.  I didn't need to leave my house.   And I got my antibiotics in less than 3 hours.   And the most amazing thing was the cost.  On our insurance plan the maximum charge may be $38 but will most likely be ZERO!   Did you get that???  ZERO for a doctor visit and medicine prescribed.   At first I was thinking this was just a bunch of quackery and a ploy from the insurance company.  But quite frankly, I was really happy with this service.  It actually reminded me of a time when I could call my doctor and they would send a prescription without seeing me.   I thought those days were gone.  

I am convinced that while the antibiotics helped with my healing,  it was the prayers of so many good friends that helped me turn that corner.  I could FEEL all the people praying for me.  And it was warm and comforting.   I just love that Jesus put us in community so that we would know that we can not do it alone.   I am so blessed by the many people who missed these blogs and messaged me to find out what was wrong.  I love that it was noticed that I had not blogged!  I feel very connected and cared for. 

Jesus, thank you that you are the healer.  Thank you for all the people who stand with us and pray for us when we are in need.  Holy Spirit, thank you for reminding people to stop and pray when a person or situation comes into their mind.   Thank you for new programs that actually work well.   Forgive me for assuming the worst about this new insurance program.  Thank you for the doctors and nurses who man this program.   Amen

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