Friday, March 21, 2014

Pretending is so much fun.....

After a fun and productive weekend scrapbooking, I spent the day with Gwen and the kids.  Unfortunately, Ellie was home sick from school so our morning included a trip to the clinic.  Thankfully, it seems that it is just a virus, and Ellie seemed almost herself this afternoon.  This fortunate girl got another birthday present today.  And I can tell you, these friends really know our Ellie!  There were delighted screams as she pulled each item out of the bag.  The amazing gift included this kitty mask and also the tiger ear headband.  Ellie was so happy to pretend to be a cat this afternoon. At one point even I had the mask and headband on! 

There is something so wonderful about preschoolers who can have fun without expensive toys.  A couple of great accessories and the play begins. Ellie had no problem crawling around and posing just like a kitty.    The interesting thing is that today is a day when many people "pretend" to be Irish.  They do this to join in all the festivities that happen on St. Patrick's day.  I am quite sure that there are many non Irish people who wore green clothes, ate a green cupcake and/or ate corned beef and cabbage today.

I am so blessed to know that I can be exactly who I am.  I don't HAVE to pretend to be something or someone that I am not.  That is so freeing and such a wonderful place to be.   It is really sad that many people go on for most of their life and not choose to not be real.  Sometimes it is to please other people or fear of what people would think.  Sometimes it is a choice to just hide the truth.   Jesus is the reason that I can be true to who I am.  He allows me to know and embrace exactly who I was designed to be.   And that is an incredible gift.  

Thank you Jesus for loving me and helping me to embrace my destiny and exactly who you have made me to be.  Holy Spirit, help all of us to step out of pretending and to walk in our true self.   Thank you for all that you are doing in us and through us.  Amen

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