Sunday, March 9, 2014

I love my daily Bible readings......

My daily Bible readings today brought me to these verses.   I LOVE THESE VERSES from Zechariah 4 - especially verse number 6......"Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty".
I just love that passage (and I am singing the old song in my head!).  There is so much comfort in knowing that we can't be strong enough, or powerful enough to do what needs to be done.  Only the Holy Spirit can accomplish the plans of Jesus.  That sure takes the pressure off of us, doesn't it?   Even the physical world - the mountains - are subject to the power of God. 
I was just talking with a good friend about how easily we can fall into the trap of trying to fix everyone.  We think we might know the best thing for our family members or friends.   We can even believe that we are responsible for saving people.   We take on the problems and situations of other people that are NOT ours to carry.   Even when we are praying for people sometimes we begin to feel that we fix their problems.  It should be no surprise that this happens.  Satan wanted to be God.  That was what got him thrown out of heaven.  And now he is laying the trap for us, that we can be like God and fix other people.  So we need to stop and think and consider who really has the power to change people.
I love that I got the reminder today that it is not OUR might or OUR power, but the Holy Spirit that can fix people and problems and even move mountains!  Yep, this is a good way to end this day and to begin a new week!
Jesus, thank you for the Bible.  For speaking to us through our friends and the things that happen in our day to day life.   Holy Spirit, it is your power and might that work in this world.  Thank you for caring and working and being the one who acts!  Remind us that we are NOT the fixer or the savior of people.  Thank Jesus that you are the Savior!  Amen

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