Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring where are you?????

So here is the recent bulletin board I helped put up at work this week.   The kids made the cute tissue paper flowers.   I sure was wishing that winter was done.  But, alas, it seems not to be the case.   Today it is COLD again.  And I am so tired of coughing!  I need some warm, warm weather and some sunshine to help bake this sickness out of my body! 

This winter has just been brutal.  I am certainly not the only person at work that has been sick - over and over again.  The children have mostly all been sick also.  Everyone is grumpy and so ready to just be outside basking in the sun.  So today I am going to think about all of the wonderful things to come....when Spring really gets here!

1.  SUNSHINE!   Lots of warm and wonderful days that are ahead! Yes!
2.  RAIN SHOWERS!  Can't you just smell that wonderful springtime smell of rain on the ground?  I don't think that there is anything better.  I love the smell of rain.
3.  BIRD SONG!  This morning, even though it was cold outside, the first thing that I heard when I opened the front door, was the chirp of the birds.  Welcome back birdies!
4.  FLOWERS!   I have seen some little green shoots in a few places and I just can't wait for those early spring flowers.  The Iris, the Tulips, the Daffodils.
5.  KIDS!  You know, the sounds of kids playing outside.  The bikes and the toys and the shouts of the children.

Yes, I will keep my focus on these wonderful sights and sounds of spring and NOT look at the weather forecast for the next 10 days.  And I will remind myself that even if it does snow again, it will not stay around for long.  And I will celebrate that our yard is totally free of snow and ice!  

Jesus, thank you for the change of seasons. For the reminders that are all around us of your great plan to bring forth new life from the darkness and dead of winter.   Holy Spirit, help us all to keep our eyes on what is ahead, rather than on what is behind us. Jesus help us to live in the knowledge of your care and love for us all.  Thank you for being my healer!  Amen  

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