Saturday, May 30, 2015

A rainbow kind of a day....

Ken and I had a very busy day today.  It was raining and not really very nice outside, so we decided to continue on with the painting project in the camera room.  Since there is not much room in there, we have to move everything into another not very big room.  Ken had painted the walls earlier, but now the ceiling was getting painted!  (I know, you are supposed to paint the ceiling first, but that just didn't happen....didn't make any difference since everything is white!).  I mostly helped move stuff and position the ladder so Ken could paint the ceiling.  I was also his "eyes" to be able to see exactly where he needed to paint.  And then he decided to paint the closet.  Wow, what a job.  This entailed taking everything out of the closet and then I began to go through storage tubs......

Yes, this was long, long process.  I found some pretty amazing things.  I managed to get rid of one trash bag full of junk and consolidate three tubs into two.  I have two tubs of stuff to take to Gwen's and a big stack of pictures to scan.  And Ken did get the entire closet painted!

We had a couple of things to return to the store and needed to get some dinner, so we set off in the rain.  On the way home there was an amazing rainbow.  The picture above is actually NOT from today (I confess in honesty...its actually from 2008).  But by the time we got to a place to get a picture, the rainbow had faded and you could hardly see it in the pictures I took.  But, trust me, it was there and it was amazing.  It was one of those very thick rainbows were you could actually see the violet line clearly.

This morning I saw this incredible video.......Perfect circle rainbow that was shot over Niagara Falls.  It is just amazing!  I had no idea that I would see a pretty neat rainbow myself today!

Yes, that freshly painted white room is certainly a pick-me-up.  The smell of paint is lingering in the house.  And it is a good feeling to have purged some things and found new homes for some things.  And it is good look back at old black and white pictures and even a newspaper from 1945 VJ Day!
Top that off with a rainbow!  Yes it was a good day in our house.

To me a rainbow reminds me that HOPE is alive!  It is the promise of sunshine on a rainy and stormy day.  It is the reminder that we have a God who keeps his promises.  A covenant keeping God.  There is so much joy in the colors that take your eye off of the dark clouds behind it.  I know that I need a bit of a reminder that there is more going on than those dark clouds and rain storms.  It is so easy to take your eyes off of that promise when the darkness closes in around you.  So I am thankful tonight for a productive day that ended with a rainbow reminder!

Jesus, thank you for rest after work and a rainbow after a storm.  Thank you for reminders of days long gone and also the hope for the future.  You are an amazing God that cares so much for us.  You know exactly what we need.  Holy Spirit, remind everyone reading this blog that there is hope in the storm.  Renew our faith and trust in our covenant keeping God!  Thank you Jesus!  Amen

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