Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers day......

Well it wouldn't be Mothers Day if I didn't share a picture of my very dear mom.  This picture is the last picture I have of my mom and I together.  It was taken at the end of March and less than 2 weeks later, mom had died.  When I was getting ready to leave (which had gotten harder and harder in the last couple of years of mom's life), mom just hugged me so tightly.  I told her that I'd see her in just a few months (I had a trip planned for early June).  But I think that we both knew that this was really goodbye. I cherish the time that I did have with her in the last years of her life.  Even though it was quite a drive, I usually managed three or four trips a year to visit.  And we had some wonderful, amazing telephone conversations.  Ken would say that I "burned up the lines" to Minnesota.  Seriously, our phone bill was often our largest expense (long before cell phones when we paid dearly for long distance).   I am so thankful for my mom and the wisdom and strength that she sowed into my life.   I miss her every day. 
Just found this snapshot of me and my little sweeties in the summer of 1982.  Doug was just a couple months old and Gwen was just 3.  In case you don't recognize the location, it is Brookfield Zoo.  I love this picture! This was among the first of many, many adventures that Ken and I had with the kids.  Even with Doug's health issues over the years, we always managed to go to parks, museums, zoos, playgrounds, and lakes/pools.  Being a mom was just exactly what I had always thought it would be.  I continue to love everything about this mom thing.

I have been thinking about this Mother's Day celebration.  I mentioned yesterday that I think this was a hard day for my mom, who grew up not even knowing her mother.  We are also very aware that my daughter-in-law Susie is walking through this day, her first Mother's Day, without her precious little boy.  And there are many others who have always wanted to have children, but are now childless.  Children who don't know who their mothers are, living in foster homes or orphanages.  So, while I think that it is good to honor and remember our moms, it just might be better to do this every day rather than just one day a year.

Tonight I was at a Worship meeting and these words just really stuck with me........

Jesus, You are good to me.  When I don't understand, I will choose you.
I will see this season through, and I will fix my eyes on you. 
I need more of you.  Living breath, breathe on me.  Living water, rain down on me.
I will not be quiet anymore.  I will not be silent anymore.
I'll lift my hands, my life and my voice to give you glory Jesus.
There is nothing worth more than your presence.

So, here I am, lifting my voice..... well typing words on a page.  But, none the less, I am sending my thoughts out into cyberspace for all to see and read and consider.  Even these thoughts about Mother's Day.  

Jesus, thank you for this special day to remember and honor and think about those we love.  Holy Spirit, when days are hard and we feel like the only person out of sync with the world, turn our thoughts and our eyes to Jesus.  Thank you that when we do this, you will be there!  Amen  

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