Sunday, May 17, 2015

What a weekend! A challenge to find our natural talents!

Saturday was Lia's Ballet Recital!  This is her 6th Recital.  Yes, she is 8 years old (soon to be 9) and this is the 6th time she has danced on stage. Not only her costume was sparkling on stage....she was!
This is where our little ballet star got her start.  She was just shy of 4 years old.  She has worked so hard and practiced so many hours.  And to see her on stage, with so much confidence, is just amazing.  She recently said that she was "born to dance".  And watching her on stage, there is no doubt this is true. Each year she grows taller and older and it doesn't seem possible that just a short time ago, she was that little Pre-Ballet star.  I can't wait to see what next year will bring.  

Today was Zeke's birthday party.  His birthday was on Friday....he shares the day with my mom.  So on the day that my mom would have been 100, Zeke turned 4!   Mom never got to meet Zeke (but knew that he was expected and even what his name was going to be) and when he was born on her birthday, Gwen and I felt that this was a special gift.  
Yesterday (after the Ballet Recital), Zeke got to open his present from us.  He had told me that he wanted his very own Guitar.  I never thought I would find a "real" kid sized guitar that wasn't terribly expensive.  And it seemed a special blessing that just after he mentioned wanting a guitar, I happened upon this little gem for a reasonable price.  And Zeke was thrilled with it.  As a matter of fact, Gwen texted me that Zeke took the guitar to bed with him!  And today Zeke and his friends had a blast at a local gymnastic place that also includes a room with bounce houses.  It was so fun to watch - even Anna - running and running and just having a great time.  

So, yes, this Grandma is tired after a busy few days.  But over and over I have felt so very blessed this weekend.  I actually watched Anna during the afternoon yesterday so that Gwen and Tim could take Ellie and Zeke to the first performance of the recital to see Lia dance.  So it was just Anna and I and time to play.  I don't think I have ever had just Anna recently.  And it was so much fun to watch her play.  
You can tell that this little one year old has older siblings!  She looked for exactly the right pencil and knew exactly what she wanted to write.  I couldn't help but imagine her writing her own blog in the future!

There is something so satisfying about seeing your "generations" develop their own, natural talents.  Lia WAS born to dance.  She moves with a grace and beauty that just comes from within her soul.  Zeke loves music of all kinds.  And I can see a future that includes many, many different instruments.   Ellie is so creative and has ideas that just don't stop.  Before she left for the recital she was designing clothes in a little notebook.  And then Anna seems so interested in writing.  But seriously, it is just to early to know exactly where her personality and talents will go.  Isn't it interesting how we sometimes neglect to see and nurture those innate interests and talents inside of each of us?  I am convinced that one of the most important things parents (and grandparents) can do for their children is to identify those gifts and talents within them.  And then do whatever you can to encourage and appreciate what makes every child a unique treasure.  As a matter of fact, wouldn't we ALL be better off if we take some time to think about our own special interests and talents?  I think that so many adults are unhappy because they have given up on the things that really bring them life.  They find themselves in jobs and situations that do not help them flow in their natural gifts.  I am so thankful that I have found a way to express what is in my spirit, through this blog!  It is worth taking time to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you just what you are designed to excel in.  There is a reason that we are all so different.  Jesus has places for each of us to just BE who we are created to be.  And while we are out there, in all those different places, doing those different jobs and tasks, we are making an impact through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Isn't that an amazing thing?

Yes, this weekend was busy and wonderful.  And I love the reminder to think about what really makes each of us "tick".  I know that I will be thinking about this more in the days ahead.  I am so thankful that Jesus has blessed me with family and friends.  And I love that the Holy Spirit always reminds me to see beneath the surface and the busyness to what is really important.  

Jesus, thank you for children and their openness and joy.  Thank you for birthday's and being together and revelations.  Jesus, you have such an amazing plan for each of us.  Help us to stop and look deeply into our hearts as we desire to know what you have sown into us.  Thank you Jesus for creating us as unique individuals!  Amen

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