Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mothers Day Tea with Zeke....and missing mom

 Zeke, who will soon be 4, goes to preschool three days a week.  He loves school and his teachers love him.  He is well behaved, thoughtful, listens well, creative, and follows directions.  This past week his class celebrated a "Mother's Day Tea" and invited all the mommy's to come to class.  There is just one problem with this.  Zeke's mommy (Gwen) teaches her own class of 4 year old's and had her "Mother's Day Tea" at the same time!  So she needed to be "Miss Gwen" rather than Zeke's mommy.  So she asked me to be a "stand in mommy" for Zeke!  After making sure that it was okay with Zeke, I said "Of course!"
This terrible picture of me with cutie pie Zeke, is the only one I got of the two of us together.  I got to listen to his class sing several wonderful songs (thankfully Gwen was able to sneak into Zeke's room and was there to hear the little concert!).  We then got to share some "tea" which was in fact lemonade and various kid friendly snacks.
 Zeke had two helpings of snacks and I loved hearing him talk about this classroom.  He pointed out exactly where everything was including his favorite toys and even the garbage can!  I helped him make this bead bracelet for Gwen, which he was very proud of.
I couldn't pass up taking a picture of this picture that he drew that was why he thought his mom was special.....
You can see where Zeke's mind is at....water parks and roller coasters!  Gotta love that boy!  He told me that the lines around the outside were the water park "ride" (which I figured out was the lazy river) and the designs in the middle are the roller coasters!  Pretty good for three years old!  

Looking around the room at all those moms (and one dad) of these little three year olds - well it made me feel...........................thankful.  I sort of expected to feel very old.  But instead, I just felt so very thankful that I could be there.  For years I was always working full time and I never got the chance to attend these events.  So it was a blessing to be able to be there.  I truly cherish every bit of time that I get to spend with the grandchildren.  And a special time like this, just brings that even more to my mind.   

Mother's day for our family has always been just a "Hallmark Holiday".  We don't really ever celebrate in any way.  As a matter of fact, it was hard to celebrate with my mom, since her birthday always fell around Mother's Day.  I always tried to mail the cards a week apart so that she got to "celebrate" two different mail days.  I think it was one of those really hard days for her that she never really talked about.  She was missing her own mom, who died when my mom was not yet 2 years old.  
This picture is the only photo we have of my mom with her mother.  In the last years of my mom's life (after this picture was discovered) she would often look longingly at this picture.  She always wanted to know what her mom would have been like.

Today I am celebrating that my mom is finally with HER mom, and they are having an amazing party with Jesus.  And there is nothing better than that.  So even though I am missing my mom, it is indeed a really wonderful feeling, knowing that they are together now.  And I can only have this assurance because of the amazing gift of Jesus on the cross.

Jesus, thank you for Zeke and the time that I got to be with him at his school.  Thank you for the staff of that preschool - each teacher and assistant - that are so loving and kind to these children.  Holy Spirit, give comfort to everyone who is missing their mom and not able to be with them today.  Thank you for children and their ability to celebrate and appreciate things that are not so clear to us as adults.  And Jesus, thank you that I have this time to spend with my grandchildren.  Amen

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