Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy Day for a nine year old girl and more in store!

I recently found this picture of Aurelia (Lia) and I at Doug and Susie's wedding in 2011.  I love this picture of Lia!  I love her expression, and really everything about this picture.  What a sweet little girl she is.  Today is her birthday.   It simply does not seem possible that she is 9 years old.  This little cutie made me a Grandma (which I talked about in my last blog).

I just love that you can see everything that Jesus has sown into these amazing little people when you are a grandparent.  When you are a parent there are so many more pressing things to take care of and you are busy with just getting through the day to day.  But as a grandparent you are able to see into their hearts and spirits.  I remember my mom had such an amazing relationship with my kids and I confess, I really didn't understand the depth of the closeness that existed between them.  She could see things in both of my kids that I had never noticed.  I remember that she once told me that Doug had such a strong spirit that he should never work inside.  That he needed to be free to breathe in the air and to be outside.  I think Doug was 6 or 7 when she said this.  And I had never thought much about it. That is until it became really clear that Doug would never be happy just sitting in an office behind a desk.  And now, thankfully, he has discovered work that allows him to be out and about and not sitting behind a desk.  Mom was exactly correct!  And she told me that Gwen would never be done with school.  She would either be going or teaching or both!  And that is most certainly true also!  

So Lia......I can't wait to see what is ahead for her.  She is physically very small for her age.  It seems that a wisp of wind would knock her over.  But here's the thing, she is one strong little lady.  She is determined when she makes up her mind to do something.  I have shared before on this blog, the prophetic word that I received for her that includes "she is a little bird with a big voice"!  This is so true!  She might be little, but she is mighty!  There is just something special about her that draws you in.  Kids want to be her friend.  They can see that amazing spirit and want to be with her.  And she is filled with grace...... literally!  She is so graceful.  That dance just oozes out of her.  As I said, she is born to dance.  She moves in a way that just makes you say, yes, that's a dancer!  Last year she took lyrical dance during the summer.  There were mostly older girls in the class, and it was difficult for her. One afternoon I watched her dancing in the hallway (when she had no idea I was watching).  I saw how she moved and how effortless it was for her to move through the dance.... it was like watching a bird flitting through the air.  Yes, there it is..... the little bird.  And boy can that girl sing!  Again, if she doesn't know you are listening, wow!  But the bigger thing is that she has a heart to speak the truth to her peers.... to share the Good News about Jesus.  I don't know exactly what she will end up doing as an adult, but I know that all that makes Lia so special right now, will be part of whatever it is.  Just a few weeks ago Lia stood at microphone in church and recited a bible passage that she had memorized.  Gwen had no idea that she was going to do that.   Yes, there will be more standing at a microphone for Lia!

Proverbs 17:6a "Children's children are a crown to the aged...."

With Lia so excited about her birthday today, I have been thinking about my own birthday...and getting older.  I mean really older.  I remember hearing older people say that they don't FEEL old and that they still see themselves as much younger.  And today, I realized I have been doing that.  I know that I am a grandma, and I know that I am 60, but somehow I still feel younger!  I don't know exactly what age I "feel" but it is certainly not 60!  As I was thinking about this, and then praying, I suddenly realized that thankfully, the Bible never talks about "retirement".  As a matter of fact, recently there have been many prophetic words about the older generation (and that includes me!) and how Jesus was continuing to empower and use people in their 60's, 70's and 80's. So I have decided to stand against the deceptive spirit that would say that it is time to retire.  To sit back and just watch what is happening.  I want to be right in the middle of whatever Jesus is doing!  Don't you?   So if you are right there, like me..... there is so much more in store!  And if you are in that younger generation (less than 60) don't discount us!  Just watch what Jesus can do!

Jesus, thank you for birthdays and times to celebrate.  Thank you for Lia and all that you have planned and purposed for her life.  Holy Spirit, help all of us to see that you can use us, regardless of how young or old that we may be!  Give us all courage and boldness to share the truth about you Jesus.  Help us to embrace our age, whatever it is, and to see and know there is so much more in store!  Amen

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