Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memories of a long ago vacation....

So I spent a bit of time tonight making the final hotel reservations for our upcoming vacation.  I was thinking about some of the great vacations that Ken and I have taken.  And the photos above are one of my favorite memories.  This trip to Florida was in April 2006.  It was the first time that we had used these new kayaks.  These really amazing, inflatable kayaks each pack in their own "suitcase".  We drove to Florida on this trip, but on future trips, we checked these as luggage on our flights! (Of course this was before the checked bag charges!).  We are still using these same kayaks - yes that is 9 years later!  We have had some wonderful times and seen some amazing things from these kayaks! 

We just decided NOT to take our kayaks on this trip.  Part of the reason is that we are going into Canada and really don't want the hassle crossing the border.  Part of our vacation plan DOES include (weather permitting) a canoe trip down a river in Pennsylvania.  I have never been canoeing, so I am hoping that the river is neither too high or too low for us to enjoy this activity.  We may also get to go tube riding down the same river!  Another activity that I have always wanted to do.  Lets face it, lazy rivers at water parks are not the same as being in a tube on an actual river! 

I can't help but blog again (since I know I have most likely mentioned it a time or two) about my change of heart regarding these kayaks.  I was not very thrilled when Ken suggested that we try kayaking.  It just wasn't something I was really interested in doing.  We found a really inexpensive inflatable "double" kayak and tried that out.  It was miserable!  You could not steer it at all and it was very hard work to paddle.  So we ditched that and then found some cheap inflatable kayaks.  We used those most of 2005 and did have some great times on local rivers.  But we were constantly getting leaks and they didn't feel very safe.  Ken did the research and found these Advanced Elements kayaks on line.  I was not so sure that I really wanted to invest the money in these (boy was that silly!).  But Ken did a bit of arm twisting and I finally agreed.  We ordered them directly from the company in California.  We were a bit surprised when we found out that we had to license them, and then to find out that we had to pay "vehicle sales tax" before we could GET that license!  We have had hours and hours of adventure and fun, along with some good exercise and time outdoors, thanks to these kayaks. 

Here's the thought for the day.  How many really good things have we missed out on, simply because we did not let ourselves be pushed out of our comfort zone?  I've been thinking a lot about this in the last couple of weeks.  I for one, get very comfortable and then get lazy and don't really want things to change very much.  I'm always a bit wary of new things and new ideas.  This whole kayak thing is a reminder to me that I need to take those chances and try new things!  Even at my age! 

On Sunday night at a wonderful worship gathering, several people spoke encouraging prophetic words over me.  It was so good to sit and be bathed in the messages and let the Holy Spirit speak the words into my spirit.   It seems that this is a new season for me, and a time for stepping out and trying new things.  So I am thankful that the Holy Spirit has been reminding me of this kayak story.  It may be outside of my comfort zone, and it may make me feel a bit unsettled and wary, but I will be courageous and take a deep breath and step out into those new things that Jesus has ahead for me!  

Jesus, thank you that you use every part of our life to speak to us - even our vacations and even kayaks!  Thank you Holy Spirit for speaking through those wonderful people on Sunday evening and filling my spirit with your encouragement and love.  Help us all to be willing to be shaken and pressed to move into new things that may well be huge blessings for us.  Jesus thank you for Ken and his persistence to encourage me to try new things.  Amen

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