Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Those important little things.....

This picture is one of my very all time favorite pictures.  There is an entire series of multiple blog posts about this picture, but for tonight, lets just say, "It is the little things that are so important"!   You see, this picture was taken at a point when Gwen and I were entering into a new season.  She was moving out of the house and going away to college.  It was a scary and uncertain time for both of us.  At the last minute, (literally the week before her classes were to begin) it was determined that she needed to live on campus.  So, suddenly, she was going to be gone.  I can tell you that I wasn't really ready for this change. To just add to the unsettled time, I was starting a new full time job, after working part time for the previous 7 years.  I love this picture because it reminds me of this special time that Gwen and I had together before all these changes.  The very important little thing about this was WHERE this picture was taken.  It was truly a "God thing" that we ended up, on a mission trip, to Bemidji Minnesota and Lake Itasca.  This was my mom's childhood home and a very special place for her.  I thought about this connection so very often.  It was as if I was just beginning to understand that "shift" taking place in the generational tree. 

On Monday, when I was at Gwen's house, we were talking about a wonderful special little thing.  Gwen and Tim moved to a new home about a year ago.  It was very difficult for them to leave their first home and all the memories that were made in that house.  One of the hardest things for Gwen, was leaving the beautiful Lilac bush near their front door.  They had also planted some very special tulips around their mailbox.  Gwen loves tulips!   When they moved into their current home, it was June and it was hot.  I do remember Gwen calling me, very excited to tell me there were rose bushes near their back deck.  What a great surprise!  But the REALLY special thing happened this spring.  First, we noticed that there were daffodils popping up in the front landscape.  Then, there were the tulips.  Lots of them.  It made me smile to see how Jesus was providing a very important little thing for Gwen.  This week, the bush by their front door broke out in wonderful blooms!  Its a lilac bush!  Amazing!  Right by the front door.  It was certainly another evidence of just how caring and loving Jesus is toward us.  Now Gwen would tell you that a lilac bush was not a big thing.  There are so many really BIG things about this new house that are such a blessing.  But I could tell that Jesus had seen a special place in Gwen's heart that would have really missed that Lilac bush.  So, there it was.  Just outside the door.  

I love that we all can be assured that Jesus is looking out for us.  He knows us and he knows exactly what we need.  Whether it is a really BIG thing or something that seems so small.  There is so much comfort in this!   I love that I was reminded of this picture after talking about the Lilacs!  The best thing about this picture, is looking back, I can really see that NOTHING changed for Gwen and I.  We stayed close during her college years.  And, as you can tell by these blogs, we are still very close.   I am so blessed by Gwen!  I had a wonderful relationship with my mom and I am thankful for exactly where I am today.  Somehow it makes it so much easier to look ahead and see the changes that will be coming.  They don't seem so big or scary after this. 

Jesus, thank you for tulips and lilacs and special times together with those we love.  Thank you for all the ways that you care for us and show us your love.  Holy Spirit, help us all to see and appreciate the many, many little things in our life.   Thank you for family and flowers and fun.  Amen

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