Friday, May 23, 2014

When you discover that an old adage is true....and seeking contentment!

This has been quite a week.  First of all, Ken's passport arrived so we will be taking that vacation to celebrate our 40th Anniversary!  The bad news is that our travel dates are just 2 weeks away and we are finding that many of the hotels are booked!  I'm sure that it will work out and we will be quite happy with wherever we end up staying, but it is much more stressful than I would like.  Alas, I am a planner and a list maker and there is no time to plan OR make lists!  Yes, it will be a trip that is much more "fly by the seat of our pants" than usual.  But a vacation is a vacation and I can't wait!

I don't normally share much from Ken's life, but I can't let this pass without some acknowledgment and comments.

I've mentioned that Ken has a job that is really almost his "dream" job.  For the last 11 years, he has been doing this dream job and we still don't know how he got hired for this job!  He loves to tell people that he "breaks pencils" when he is asked about his career.  In fact, breaking pencils is part of his job!  He spends his days doing mechanical tests on products for Papermate and Sharpie.  I am sure that most of you did not know that you missed it.......but last Wednesday was "World Metrology Day".   To quote Webster's - "Metrology is the science of measurement."  Ken is in his element when he talks about Metrology!  He prepared a big presentation with videos, demos and discussions and it was presented on Wednesday to celebrate World Metrology Day.  Now this is the kind of thing that could have come and gone, without much comment.  So it was quite a surprise for Ken to find out that he had been given a very special award and recognition throughout his entire company!  And this is not a small company!  This is Newell Rubbermaid!  (Rubbermaid, Papermate, Sharpie, Graco, Calphalon plus about 20 other brands).  Seriously, I am sure that almost everyone has some Newell Rubbermaid product in their home!  This is a big deal.  And I am very proud of Ken.  But, here's the thing, Ken just acts like this is no big deal! 

I can't help but stop and think about the old adage that "you marry your father".   My dad never really got honored by his company, although he worked at Montgomery Wards for 43 years.  I remember very clearly, hearing his boss say that the training program for service repairmen that my dad developed had "revolutionized their service departments".  But the thing was, it just didn't matter to my dad.  He just loved doing his job!  He spent hours and hours showing young guys how to fix appliances.  He was so happy in his "work pants", down on the floor, with his head inside some appliance. And even better for him, was teaching someone else how to do what he loved!    Ken just loves this "science of measurement".  He loves planning and doing the tests.  He loves the analysis of the data.  He loves working with all of the engineers.  And loves talking about metrology.  But being honored simply doesn't matter to him.  Neither Ken or my dad went to college yet they are two of the most intelligent people I have ever known.  And they were just happy to be doing their jobs. Contentment.

Boy, what a lesson.  Just being content with where you are and what you are doing. And not looking for any recognition.  Happy and content.   I know that I don't succeed in this.   I have lots to learn.  What a blessing it is get a renewed perspective on this very important character quality.  I know that in the coming weeks I will be thinking about contentment.   The Bible has a lot to say about contentment.  And I know that being satisfied and joyful are not only the definition of contentment but also the RESULT of contentment.   What a wonderful reminder, contained in an unexpected surprising award.  Congratulations to Ken!

Jesus, thank you so much for Ken.  You knew exactly what I needed in a husband when you brought us together.  Thank you for the reminder that contentment is the path to joy and satisfaction in our life.  Holy Spirit, help me to breath and heed this reminder, when there are tense moments in my life.  Jesus you are the source of contentment!  Amen

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