Friday, May 30, 2014

Yes, it is "O-fish-ally" Summer!

Well, this is the bulletin board that I put up at work today!  The little three year olds each created their own fish.  This was quite a project that included, glue, scissors, paint, glitter and sparkles.  The kids had a great time.  They got to choose their fish and then also decide how to decorate it.  Yes, it is "O-FISH-ALLY SUMMER!".  And finally our weather agrees with this statement!  We had a couple of actually HOT days this week (in the high 80's). So thankful winter is finally over. 

Last night I could NOT SLEEP!  This is really unusual for me.  I tossed and turned for a couple of hours.  Ken came to bed and HE couldn't sleep.  He finally realized that it was very warm in the bedroom.  So he checked on the air conditioner.  Alas, it was not functioning.  Yes, on the first week of really warm weather, we find ourselves without air conditioning.  Now, to be fair, it is NOT 100 degrees.  But it is my prime allergy season.  By the time morning rolled around (and I had about 4 hours of sleep), my head was totally plugged.  Thankfully, Ken made all the calls and got somebody out here to fix our problem, by 4:00pm today.  Since our furnace and air conditioner are about 10ish years old, we feel blessed that it just needed some Freon and a good cleaning.  So, tonight I am breathing easier and feeling grateful for knowledgeable repair people who do their work quickly and well. 

As the repairman was working downstairs, I was thinking about the current seemingly constant message that every child has to go to college to be successful.   I can understand somewhat this statement.  However today I was considering where we would be without people to repair our furnace or air conditioner.  Or plumbers.  I mean who hasn't had one of those awful plumbing problems that needed professional help.  Or auto mechanics.  Or appliance repairman (thanks dad!).  Or how about garbage men!  Really, the list goes on and on.  I guess this is sort of a perspective issue.  If we only looked at "college" careers, our world would be sorely lacking.  I am sure that everyday, each of us interacts with at least 1 or 2 people that we would miss if they were not there to do that job.  Think about this (Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, etc)!  I am thankful for all the people who do these "non college education necessary" jobs.  Of course, then there is the fact that I never went to college.  And Ken never went to college.  And Doug never went to college.  There was a time when Doug was around three or four when he would say that he wanted to be a garbage truck man, or and ice cream truck driver, or an astrophysicists. And I would say, "As long as you are happy, I don't care what job you do!"  And I really meant it.   When Doug graduated from High School, I had many, many people give me the "speech" about how important college was.  How he would never make anything of himself if he didn't have a "career".  I am so thankful that Doug followed his heart and made the right choice for himself. 

And here is the most amazing thing about this.  Jesus has plans and purposes to use people in EVERY sphere of society.  Whether it is at Starbucks or as a doctor or teacher.  Jesus needs each person to do exactly what He has planned and purposed for them.  That is such a freeing thought.  It certainly helps me to relax and look at my job a little differently.  I am thankful that Jesus knows what is best for us, and he will use us wherever we end up. 

Jesus, thank you for the repairman who fixed my air conditioning.  And thank you for the reminder to be more appreciative towards all those we interact with each day.  Thank you for those wonderful little three year olds that I get to work with each day.  And Jesus, thank you for the change of season and the warm weather!  Amen

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