Sunday, July 21, 2013

A little more of my story...seeds were sown!

Part of the reason for doing this blog was to tell my story.  And I have found that I have a lot of story to tell!  Last night my husband and I went to a state park (Starved Rock) so that he could take photos of the sunset.  It was a glorious evening.  Not so hot that you were sweating without air conditioning and just a light breeze.  We scoped out a couple of potential photo shoot places and settled on a roadside pull off just outside the park.  We were about an hour ahead of sunset so we just sat in the car, with the windows down and sunroof open and enjoyed the peacefulness.  There were birds flying everywhere and fish jumping in the river and the cicadas were singing as the sun sunk into the west. 
In the peace, I started to think about what I wanted to share on this blog.  It wasn't long before the Lord reminded me of this..........

This picture, indeed represents a "God-moment" in my life.  This is the opening page of my childhood Bible that I received from my parents when I was in 2nd Grade.  That in itself is a story.  One that I have mentioned before.  We in the United States are so fortunate to have the written word available to us.  In many families, children are not given Bibles because there is some kind of fear of not treating the Holy Scriptures properly or it not being understood by children.  Once again, I am so thankful that my parents didn't think this way and purchased this Bible for me when I was 7 years old.  You see, Yahweh has used this page in amazing ways!  And this is just the inside cover of the incredible book.  I want to point out the red stamp on the lower right hand corner.  This is the story.  One day in Sunday school, a missionary visited our small church.  He spoke about his time in China. His message was about the many men, women and children who had come to know Jesus as he had lived and walked among them..  He told of a man that had come to know Jesus and how his whole life had changed.  This man had carved this "seal" with the missionaries name, out of a wooden block.  He was so filled with gratitude for all the missionary had done, by risking his life to come to his country.  The incredible thing is, the man had been born with no arms!  It was carved with his feet.  At the end of that talk, this missionary (and I am so sorry that I don't know his name) came around and stamped his seal in my Bible and said "Someday you will be a missionary!"   I went home that day and told my mom the story.  She shared with me, that day, the following story. I asked her to repeat this for me many times - even in the last years of her life. 

On that day, my mother told me that we have relatives that are missionaries to Africa.  She shared how my grandfather had wanted so badly to be a pastor. But it had not worked out.  The times were difficult and there was not much money.  Yet there was a connection to these distant cousins who had left Germany to serve Jesus.  My mother remembered praying for these cousins and then recounted the faith and trust in Jesus that had blanketed her life - in spite of tough circumstances. 
And the seed was sown into my heart and my spirit that God had a plan and a purpose for my life.

Here is a photo of my Great-Great Grandfather and Great-Great Grandmother
Johann Conrad Toensing and Anna Clara (Welcher) Toensing
(8/17/1801 – 8/23/1869) (5/10/1806 – 8/28/1876)
Married 9/5/1827

This couple had 7 children.  They sent two of their children to Africa as missionaries and two of their children came to the United States. (One of the children who came to the US was my Great-Grandfather)   Once again I am so thankful for photographs that put faces to names.  And I am thankful for their faith and trust in Yahweh shown in the lives of their children.

Thank you Yahweh, for leading me to this story for my blog.  Thank you for the seeds that you placed into me that brought me to this place today.  I am so thankful for my Spiritual heritage.  Thank you for blessing my mother and her generations with your presence and your peace.  Amen

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