Thursday, July 11, 2013

Putting things in order

I had an amazing day yesterday with my daughter and grandchildren.  One of the many things we did during the day was organizing and cleaning up toys.  The recent move into a much larger house has given the kids a dedicated play space. Needless to say, the kids are loving having this spot to really discover toys that have been packed away for some time.   I loved watching Zeke, who is two years old, line up his cars by the car ramp.  I was thinking about the very exact way that he aligned each small matchbox car.   Oh how I love spending time with my grandchildren!  Even if it is just a day of helping to put things in order.  

Today I've been meditating on being in alignment with the plans and purposes Yahweh has for us.  You know how when your posture isn't good- when you don't stand up straight - your back starts to really bother you?   Well, while on vacation, my back was really hurting!  I could not identify anything that I had done to cause this and I was very frustrated.  I never get back aches!  And now, on vacation..............  well I was not happy.  Needless to say after several days, I caved and bought a heating pad.  It was so worth the $15!  My back relaxed and other than a couple of twinges, hasn't bothered me since.  But today I had to take a closer look at this event.  On Tuesday evening someone prayed for me that I would come into proper alignment in my walk with the Lord.  The prayer also included petitions for wisdom and revelation for me.  Well, I feel like I have been out of alignment and I have had a "spiritual back ache".  I just have not felt exactly right and there has been this little niggling unsettled feeling.  Has anyone else been feeling this?   I didn't identify it, but now I know what is going on! 

So.... I am not waiting until this gets worse!  I am going to apply the warmth and healing of Jesus.  I intend to focus on worship and praise and just being in the marvelous presence of Yahweh.  In the natural it was the heat that helped the most.  So I am going to apply the spiritual heat and rest in the knowledge that Yahweh wants the proper alignment for me even more than I do.  Looking back on some of my posts, this was exactly what Yahweh was speaking about in the coffee bean.  I just didn't hear it to the depth that I needed.  I am excited to see and hear what is revealed in the days ahead.  Because I am anxious to put things in order and know that I am in the process of getting into proper alignment.

Yahweh, thanks so much for giving us real life lessons in the practical, everyday things.  Thank you for prayers from other people that open our eyes.  Jesus, be that spiritual heating pad that will help me to relax and know you are working on that alignment.  Open the doors and make the connections that will help to bring things into order.  You are a God of order and you have a place of order for each of us.  Keep my ears and eyes open, Jesus so that I can absorb all that you have for me!  And I pray for anyone else who has been feeling "out of place".  Help us all to rest in you!  Amen

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