Monday, July 29, 2013

Misplaced blame........

You know how you have a "love/hate" relationship with some things in your life? I am sure that most are familiar with that phrase.  Those things that at times are so wonderful, but then at other times not so wonderful.  Well, I have one of those relationships with my Kindle.  I confess that, in fact, I love my Kindle.  It's just that when I start reading I can't stop. !  So, when I have been awake half the night reading, I blame my extreme tiredness the next day on the Kindle. This is not the Kindle's fault - it is totally ME.   And the thing is, thanks to the  internet, I have in my hands an almost endless library of books, magazines, articles and other reading material.  And a lot of the books are free or almost free.  And it is available 24 hours a day.  No running out of reading material.  No searching the book shelf for a book to read over again after having already read it more times than I can count.  Just pick up the Kindle and in just a couple of minutes, there is a new book to read. 

The book currently causing me to be so tired, is Mark of the Lion, by Francine Rivers.  I think I have read most of her books.  This series of three books begins in Jerusalem in AD70.  I love the way the author is able to weave so much Biblical truth into her books, while creating a wonderful story. I don't usually read historical books about Greece or Rome or gladiators.  But this is a story that draws you in.  So, take this as a personal recommendation for the book Mark of the Lion

What is really on my heart tonight is misplaced blame.  I have been thinking about how quick I was to "blame" my Kindle for my tiredness!  Isn't that a silly thing?  But Yahweh has been showing me how many times I try to place blame somewhere else, rather than seeing that I am to blame.  You know, blaming the traffic but really YOU are the one running late.  This is really misplaced blame. Satan wants to keep us blaming others so that we can remain unforgiven and filled with anger and bitterness.  I have discovered that I am much less angry and upset when I take responsibility for the things that are my doing.  Once I do this, I deal with the situation and with my emotions about it and solve the problem.  Confessing whatever failing and/or sin and then seeing Yahweh's response is ALWAYS  forgiveness and grace that  brings freedom and peace.  The best part about this is that no matter how small and even trivial OR how big of thing it is, doesn't matter at all to God.  The important thing is that you accept blame for whatever you have done.

What an amazing part of Yahweh's great plan.  We can be forgiven and set free, just be knowing and confessing our wrong doings.  I think over the next few weeks, I am going to pay much closer attention to my thoughts when things aren't going right.  Before getting angry and upset, I can just stop and pray and trust the Holy Spirit will reveal what needs to be revealed.  And then I can walk in greater freedom and peace. 

Yahweh, thanks so much for your plan of forgiveness.  Thanks for reminding me that you care about the small things as well as the big things.  Help me to remember to stop and pray when I am in challenging situations.  Thank you for your peace and the freedom from holding on to blaming others and the bitterness that follows that.  You are a mighty and wonderful God.   Amen

(And, just for the record, I confess that I have re-read almost all of the books that are on my Kindle.  I guess it doesn't matter how many books are available, when you have a good book, it is worth rereading.) 

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