Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What I learned in Vacation Bible School (today!)

It is HOT outside today -  I mean HOT -  like buckling the roads and melting the pavement hot.  I know that I don't usually focus on such mundane things like the weather, but today is just one of those days.  In spite of the heat, what is on my mind is something quite COOL!  (Okay - I know I am showing my age, but to me, something "cool" is well..... AMAZING! ) Today I went with my daughter Gwen and her children to their Vacation Bible School.  There is nothing better than a large group of kids singing, dancing, playing, crafting, just generally having fun while learning about Jesus.  I loved watching my grandchildren - oh how fast they grow up.  But the best part for me was watching my daughter, Gwen, lead the singing. It is wonderful watching someone fulfilling their destiny, right in front of your eyes.  She is talented and gifted in music, but her passion is sharing Jesus.   She loves children and she can relate to babies,  preschoolers, tweens, teens and adults. And they love her right back. What an amazing gift. 

All that aside,  here is a list of some of the things I learned today at Vacation Bible School........

1.  Don't worry..... just pray!
2.  Stand..........Strong!
3.  Spread the Love of Jesus to everyone!

Really - is there anything else that matters???  I need to take these lessons in and meditate on them.  Isn't it true that if we would stop all the fretting and just pray about things, we would all be better off?  It seems like such a basic principal, yet I know that there are far too many times that I worry more than I pray.  When I consider all the shaking and storms that seem to have been swirling around lately, the "Stand Strong"  message seems made for me.  When we are standing on Jesus, our rock, we ARE strong.  And it is our destiny to spread the love of Jesus to everyone.

Last night a dear friend was praying for me.  She saw me on the top of a Ferris wheel, at a carnival and there was colorful confetti just pouring out from me.  Today I pictured the love of Jesus as that confetti.  What an amazing picture.  Don't you think it would look wonderful if we could see the amazing colors of the love of Jesus pouring out of us as we walked through our day?  I am going to begin to think about the presence of Jesus that can change the atmosphere around me, as colorful confetti.  How beautiful would that be!

Yahweh, thank you for my amazing daughter.  Bless her and her family as she continues to walk in your plan and purposes for her life.  Thank you for those happy, dancing kids at VBS today.  Help them to hang on to all that they heard and saw today.  Water all the seeds that have been sown into their hearts.  And Yahweh, I want to thank you for the VBS programs Gwen attended and all the seeds that were sown into her life.  Thank you for what you are doing in my grandchildren.  Thank you for what you are teaching me.  And Jesus, thank you for helping us. 


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