Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Once again, it's the little things that amaze me!

SPOILER ALERT!  IF YOU DON'T WHAT TO HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT THE BOOK "MARK OF THE LION" STOP READING THIS BLOG POST!  I will be discussing the ending of this book!  I am not going to name names or divulge details - just what Yahweh impressed on my heart as I finished reading this wonderful book.

A little while ago I wrote a blog post (A little more of my story...) and it included a picture of my great-great-great grandparents.  If you have not read that post, go there now and read it.  This post will not make much sense if you don't know that story.  I know that Yahweh has been reminding me of that post and that story over and over again.  There must have been something that I needed to be reminded about or something else I needed to see/learn from that post.  Then, over the last several days, I have been reading a series of three books that were recommended to me by my daughter.  I have posted about this in the last couple of days.  This morning I finished the series.  As I sat with tears streaming down my face, looking at the last paragraph, I flashed to my blog post of just a few days before and my great-great grandparents.  While I remember clearly that this book is a FICTION story, based on Biblical truth, I felt woven into the plot line. 

In the end of this book, in about AD100, there are a small group of Christians, worshiping and serving the Lord - in Germany.  They were telling everyone that they could reach, the Gospel message and the saving grace of Jesus.  And then they were sending out missionaries.  One to the Vikings. 

Pause here to catch my breath.  Yes, I felt the connection to my family.  So in 1850, in Germany, my family sent out missionaries to  the ends of the earth.  It was as if I saw - maybe for the first time - the real connection in my life, to the time of those who actually walked with Jesus.  And then, just to cap it all off, they sent off people to share the good news, to the Vikings - my Swedish and Norwegian ancestors.  I went back and looked at that picture of my great-great-grandparents.  And I marveled at the power of the Gospel.

This is my mom and dad on their wedding day in 1936.  My mom is of German/Norwegian heritage and my dad is Swedish.

Do you know how it is to feel like something was actually written just for you?  Well, this morning I had that feeling.  It was amazing.  Once again, I just can't imagine the plans and purposes of Yahweh for His creation - for the earth and all who live.  The plan that took a small group of ordinary people, filled with the Holy Spirit, covered by the love of Jesus, under the plan and direction of the Father they managed to reach out to the world.  And they were able to do this with NOTHING.  With only small parts of the written Word.  With no cars, no planes, no telephones, no internet, no computers, no blogs.  It had to be Yahweh. 

Yahweh, thank you so much for Francine Rivers and this book - one of many in her library of books.  Bless her, Father, with more of your compassion and direction as she continues to connect us to you and the Bible.  Thank you for opening my eyes in a new way to your destiny.  Yahweh, your kingdom is increasing and your glory will fill all the heavens and all the earth!  Amen

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