Monday, July 22, 2013

Ignoring the issues..

Yesterday our printer simply quit working.  I really don't know when it actually "breathed it's last" since we don't use it very much.  I had a couple of Word documents that I wanted to print and when I hit print, nothing happened.  I fooled around with it for several minutes.  Tried to find the printer on my computer.  Tried several different programs. And then I used the "method of last resort".  I called on my husband.  He tried some of the same things I tried.  Announced that my computer could not see the printer.  Went and tried his computer and discovered the same thing on his laptop.  At that point he announced - "we need a new printer - this one has died". Now this is really not such a big deal since this printer was very old!  I have printed 100's, if not 1000's of pictures on that printer. The scanner has not been working very well either.  And I have had a few paper jams, here and there.  Yes, it has been time for a new printer for awhile.  We have talked about getting a new printer but since it was working - why replace it. 

Today I was thinking about this.  How many times do we sort of ignore problems until things get really bad?  Does it really make sense?  I know that you can argue that it makes more sense from a financial standpoint to "use up" everything that we have.  Or, as a last resort, we need to recycle! And there are some very interesting ways that people find to reuse or recycle things!

I noticed this message printed on my morning coffee cup, while I was watching the sunrise over the ocean.  I loved it!  The advice to use it to build a sandcastle was appropriate since we were at the beach!  I am proud to say that my morning coffee is normally in a travel coffee cup that is washed and used over and over again.  But, on the other hand, I have to confess that my water (lately) has come out of a plastic bottle that does get recycled! (I am now picturing that tv commercial about the water bottles used in the United States stretching around the world several times.).  So I guess that I am sort of even in regards to the reuse/recycle question.

But thinking about the "ignoring the problems" point.  I am thankful that Yahweh has been reminding me today of things that I have been "ignoring".  There are times when it is good to put things on the back burner and not make quick decisions.  But sometimes this is just an excuse for not dealing with situations or issues that need to be handled.   I know from personal experience that this does not do anyone, any favors.  Earlier in this blog, I talked about truth telling.  And today, I realized that I have not been telling the truth when I just ignore things. So I am committing to doing a better job of being intentional about following the Holy Spirit when I am confronted with problems or issues.  Rather than taking the easy way out I will seek to resolve things quickly.  And I am thankful that I don't have to do this in my own strength.  Jesus has everything I need in Him and He is in me! Isn't this an amazing part of Yahweh's master plan?  So, once again, (very appropriately with the picture above) I am going to be a coffee bean! 

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