Saturday, July 27, 2013

Timing is everything....

How many times do we hear "timing is everything"?  Last week there was a post on The Elijah List website, by Dutch Sheets.   (See the entire post here Don't miss God's perfect timing)   I loved this paragraph....

Stay the course. Don't abort the process by letting weariness or frustration set in. Your harvest is being made ready. There is an appointed time for you to reap. Be faithful in the mundane. Don't despise the day of small beginnings. Don't lose heart in well doing. Never give up. Your shift may be closer than you think!

I think this spoke to me because I have been feeling weary and frustrated lately.  But in the last couple of weeks, I have also seen little glimpses of things starting to break and come together. (I know that sounds a little ridiculous - breaking AND coming together - a paradox.  But isn't the Bible filled with paradox?)

Early last week, I connected with a women from my daughter Gwen's church.  She has a passion for a ministry in the western area of Kenya near the town of Bungamo.  She has helped to bring the Heifer Project and also helped to build several wells around there.  Currently there are several ongoing projects in that area, with a Pastor and his church - including providing school uniforms for the children.  When I first heard about this ministry, I wondered if there was any way that my friend  Lucy Wa Ngunjiri might be of assistance.  I was somewhat skeptical that Lucy would be able to help because the majority of her work is in the Nairobi area - quite a distance from Bungamo.  I was able to provide a contact with a Kenyan man (actually Lucy's brother) in the United States who may be able to provide some guidance on these projects.   OKAY - HERE IS THE TIMING IS EVERYTHING CONNECTION. 

On Thursday, I was on Facebook and noticed that Lucy had posted some new pictures.  This picture is of a Prayer Rally that Lucy held, in May, IN BUNGAMO!  Apparently she had never posted any pictures of this rally and people had been asking for them.  If she had posted these pictures at any time BEFORE Tuesday of last week, I would never have noticed the name of the town.  She has held meetings all over Kenya and this town is not a place I knew.  Needless to say, this answered the question I had about Lucy being at all connected in that area.  You know when Yahweh has a plan and purpose for connecting people, He sees to all the details.  Even the posting of pictures on Facebook.  

So today I am feeling much less weary and frustrated.  When the words "Stay the Course"  make us shutter and we are so tired of "hanging on", we can take heart.  Yahweh has a great plan that includes his perfect timing. I just love how a small thing, like this picture on facebook, is really a very big thing in Yahweh's playbook.  It let me know that I am, somehow on the right path. 

Yahweh, thank you for your perfect timing. Thank you for the ministry connection you have made between Fellowship of Faith and Kenya.  Bless all that is being accomplished, in your time, through this connection. And especially thank you for weaving me into this connection.  Thank you Jesus for Lucy and her ministry.  I pray that you would continue to bless her and enlarge her tents.  Thank you for the little things that bring such encouragement to us.  Amen

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