Sunday, February 16, 2014

A new meaning to "family"......

April, 2007
Yesterday I confess, I wasn't feeling very well.  In fact I had a high temperature and spent part of the day in bed.  I feared that I was getting one of those really nasty things that have been going around at work.  This would be bad, on so many levels.  I need to spend Monday with Gwen, helping her with the kids.  I need to be at work on Tuesday.  You know, all of those regular, normal things.   I was really feeling in a funk.  And then my phone rang.
When I glanced at the display I couldn't believe it.  My friend from Kenya, Lucy was calling me.   I haven't talked to her in quite some time.  With the recent death of her sister-in-law she has been on my mind and in my prayers.   I am always so thankful for Facebook.  I can stay in touch with what is happening in her ministry and I always know what her prayer needs are.  It was so good to hear her voice.  As usual, we had a bit of a phone connection problem.  But who can complain when you are talking half a world away!  As I was waiting for her call back, I was thinking how amazing it is that she would call me.  Lucy was quite clear.  The purpose of her call was to make sure that I knew the details about the death of her sister-in-law Florence.  She said "you are family to us".  That took my breath away.   Since the first time I met her, I realized that there is something quite special about Lucy.  She commands attention where ever she is.  Her radio program, aired live on Sunday mornings, is listened to by Kenyans around the world. Her crusades bring thousands together to hear the Word of the Lord.  Her ministry "Prayers Beyond Boundaries" focuses on sharing Jesus with the people of Kenya.  The goal is not just to change the people, but to change Kenya.  She is a mover and a shaker, that is for sure.  What a blessing it is that she calls me family. 
I am so thankful for my family.  And today I am thankful for my "family".  All of those that have become my family through our connection with Jesus.  I am so thankful for the many, many friends that I have on Facebook - some that I have never met face to face - that pray for me and share their concerns and joys with me.  And I am incredibly grateful that a chance meeting brought Lucy and I together in 2004.  I love the picture above from April, 2007.  Ken and I had the privilege of hosting Lucy and her husband Lameck and Hope-Lyn in our home.  They met our kids and we had a great dinner.  It was a great family time.  And then Lucy visited again in August, 2008. 
Yesterday I blogged about sisters.  And Lucy is indeed my sister.  And just as I miss my sister Julie, I also miss this special sister-in-the Lord, Lucy.  And it was such a pick me up to actually talk to her yesterday.   Yes, my definition of family has changed a little today.   And I feel blessed.
Jesus, thank you so much for Lucy, and the way that you make us family.  Holy Spirit, thank you for knowing exactly what we need.  Jesus thank you for your provision in all things.  For restored health, for home, for family.   Bless Lucy and all of her family.  Jesus, be the provision for that family in their time of need.   Thank you for my family and for enlarging my perspective of family. Help us all to see those around us with your eyes, Jesus.   Amen

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