Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wow, things are very different now than 10 years ago!

Today I was with some great friends.  It was a wonderful time of talking, worship, prayer and discussion.  One question posed to the group was "how are things different now than they were 10 years ago?"    Well, this really got me thinking. 
This picture is from Christmas, 2003.  It is significant with regards to where I was in February 2004 - 10 years ago.  In this photo I am looking at a world atlas.  And 2004 was the year of the world for me.  In February of that year I was preparing for a very big trip to Africa.  It was a trip that I couldn't really believe was actually going to happen.  When I first had an "inkling" that I was supposed to make this trip, there was no way that I thought it would ever happen.  There were multiple things that could make this trip impossible for me.  Ken needed to be okay with this trip and the finances for this trip had to come from somewhere.   I decided to send out letters to family and friends requesting not only their financial support, but more importantly, their prayers.  And I was shocked and surprised when the money was provided to pay for my trip.   I was given favor at work and was able to take the 3 weeks off.  I had accumulated enough vacation time that my salary continued during this time off.   And Ken agreed that I should go.  When the last visa was delivered, I realized that this dream was actually happening.  I would be going to Kenya and Uganda via Amsterdam.   Never have I been more sure that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!  I remind myself of this event whenever I have a tough situation that just seems so impossible.  
Yes, 2004 was a life changing year for me.   And I am not in the same place I was then.  But, in some ways, I feel like 2014 feels just as "impossible" as 2004.  Then I was sure of the destination, but so unsure of the way to get there.  In 2014, I know that the only way I will get to where I need to be is because Jesus gets me there.  What is so unclear is the destination!   I feel a lot like I need to find the map to give me a glimpse of Jesus' plan for me this year.   
The good news about this musing is that this seems to be a year of transition for EVERYONE!  So I am not alone in this.   It is always good to know that you have friends surrounding you, who will stand with you and help you find the route to the elusive destination.   And the best news is that Jesus wants to reveal this information to me.  I just need to be still and listen and pay attention.  I am sure it will become clearer in the days ahead.
Jesus, thank you for this amazing reminder of your love and care for me.  Holy Spirit, help us all to listen and absorb the information that you are giving us.  Jesus, thank you for community and friends.  Amen

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