Friday, February 28, 2014

Glad I know THE ending!

Over the last several weeks, I have missed the ending of many movies.  You see, Friday afternoons are movie times at work but my schedule has me leaving before the movies are over!  So I have missed the end of Pinocchio, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Winnie the Pooh and today's movie, Lady and the Tramp.  Now, granted, I have seen all of these movies at one time or the other. And in most cases, I have a general idea of how the story ends.  But I realized that I have forgotten some of the details of these stories.  I have been surprised at the kind of scary parts in these "G" rated movies.   And I can't believe some of the story lines that I have totally forgotten about.  So not actually seeing the end of these movies is a bit.......well BAD!

This has me thinking about the fact that I am so glad that I know THE ending.  You know, the ending that we all face.  And I am feeling so happy that I don't have to worry about how my own personal story is going to end.  I know that I will end up in a wonderful place in the presence of Jesus.  And there is really nothing else that matters.  I don't have to get into a discussion about the book of Revelation, or talk about how and/or when Jesus is going to return.  Because none of that stuff is important when it comes to the ending of MY story.  All I have to know is that I will be in the presence of God and I will be happy.  I think that all to often, this one very important thing - this ending of our story - is overlooked.  People get so caught up in the rapture question.  Others are thinking about the tribulation.  Are you "Pre trib" or "Post trib"?  I am so thankful for this reminder today that the end is really the only thing that matters.  As long as I know that Jesus is the ONLY way to get to heaven, and I know that Jesus is my savior and friend, then I will have that happy ending.  

So this has been a day of realizing that all I really need to focus on are those "happy endings"!  I don't have to worry about those little plot lines that I might have forgotten, or think about the plot twists.  I know that Lady and the Tramp do end up together and if I am recalling correctly, they have a large family. And a happy ending.   Just like my own story! 

Jesus, thank you for reminding me of that amazing ending to my own story.  Holy Spirit, I am so grateful that the ending is not hidden.  Thank you that you use the everyday things to point us to the greatest truths.  What an amazing and uplifting gift.  Thank you for this gift of KNOWING the end.   Amen.

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