Saturday, February 22, 2014

Celebrating a great daddy (and son-in-law!)

I have done a lot of blogging about Gwen and the kids, but I really haven't said much about Tim!  Today was a really special day for Ellie and Tim.  It was "My Guy and Me" at Ellie's preschool.   This is a special day when the preschoolers get to show their special guy, exactly what happens in school.  And then they get to share a Pizza dinner!  Tim is a very involved daddy like so many young men today.  He cares for the kids, changes diapers and gets up during the night.  It's not unusual for Tim to take one or two of the kids grocery shopping.  And Tim is quite the cook and an amazing baker!  (An interesting fact of our family is that Gwen does NOT like to cook and bake and Doug does!  So it is not surprising that Tim is also the chef of their family!)

I remember the first time I met Tim.  It was at a Concordia College Wind Symphony concert.  Gwen introduced Ken and I to her new friend.  This was in October and when Gwen wanted to invite Tim to our house over Christmas break, I was not surprised.  It didn't take me long to understand what Gwen saw in Tim.  He has a quiet strength that you can see in his eyes.  One time he got snowbound at our house during a college break and he was the one outside shoveling the lawn so that we could park 3 of the 5 cars there.    And I loved that he sat with me and worked on a jigsaw puzzle.  He is very much like Doug and they got along right away.  It was clear that Tim fits in our family.

You know, when your kids are little you try to envision their future mates.  It is quite a scary thing for a mom!  You have no control over this decision.  As we got to know Tim, I could see God's hand in this match.  Gwen and Tim are very much a picture of opposites attract.  And more than that, each of them has strengths that balance a weakness in the other.  I love that they are raising their kids to know and love Jesus.  I love that they each have a very deep and personal relationship with Jesus that shines through.  One of my favorite memories of Tim is from a mission trip that we went on to Toronto.  He walked right up to a homeless man, sitting on a park bench, and gave him his lunch.  And then he stood there and talked with him.  The youth are drawn to Tim and Gwen.  It is a wonderful thing to see the impact that this couple is having on young men and women who are going on to change their world.  And I love how they are nurturing their own children and encouraging them in their specific giftings.

Yes, I know that Ken and I are very blessed.  Both of our kids found the ideal mate and we are so proud of each of them.   Gwen, Tim, Doug and Susie - we love you!

Jesus, thank you so much for Tim and the wonderful husband and father he is.  Holy Spirit continue to pour your presence and power over and through Gwen and Tim.  Bless Doug and Susie and reveal your peace and love to them.  Jesus, thank you for continuing to bless my generations through my children and grandchildren.   Amen

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