Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Glad I saved these......for something!

So you know that one thing that you might have stuffed at the back of the closet or buried high up on a closet shelf?  That item that you think..."why am I saving this?"  Well in my world, it is this large 12X24 envelope filled with Doug's X-Rays from 1982 through 1985.  Somehow I could not bring myself to get rid of these.  They are really a picture (no pun intended) of the medical troubles that Doug suffered during these years.  In the later years you can clearly see the two surgical clips that are the mark of his kidney removal.  I have given Doug and Susie most of his childhood stuff, but somehow, this envelope didn't make it over to Doug and Susie's house.  And this week I was especially glad that I still had these.

And it was because it was "X" week at work!  Do you know how hard it is to find anything that has an X in it that will make sense to 3 and 4 year olds?  We did mostly words that ended in X like box.  Today we did several rounds of "What does the Fox say?", which all of the kids loved.  It seems that almost every parent has exposed their kids to the Youtube video and they all knew the words.  Since today was "show and share" day, I shared these X-rays.  The kids were fascinated by these.  They loved seeing the rib bones and then feeling their own body to find their ribs.  And then we made our very own fake "X-rays" of their hands.

It doesn't take much to impress three year olds and they loved this!  Isn't it funny how something that has so little real value can be so important at the right time and place?

These X-rays were incredibly important during the years that I carried them from hospital to hospital and from doctor to doctor.  But considering that Doug is now a healthy almost 32 year old, these are pretty meaningless.  When I held them in my hand and put them down on a light table, I couldn't help but reflect back on those years.  It was a time of so much uncertainty and fear.  There was a time when I wasn't sure that Doug would ever get to be an adult.    I am so thankful for the miracle that is Douglas!  And I am thankful that it took a dusty envelope of old X-rays and X week to remind me! 

Jesus, thank you for using crazy things to make us grateful.   Thank you for the amazing miracle of good health for Douglas.  Holy Spirit, help us all to recognize the times you bring these reminders to us.  Help us all to remember the past and to celebrate the present while looking forward to the future!  Amen

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