Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 14 - Go to the Nations!

Kenya - 2004
So during the time that I was immersed in Children's Ministry, I received several very clear prophetic words about going to the nations.  I really couldn't make sense out of these words! I had no desire to go any where (except possibly to Israel) and most of all, I could not understand WHY I would get this kind of word.  Because I had been working closely with a Ministry that had an International focus, I figured that was the reason for the words.  I was quite happy to stay at home and pray for the leaders of this Ministry as they traveled the world.  Until 2002.  I had the amazing experience of being in a room with people from Mexico, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and India.  I was sort of like a "fly on the wall" as I listened to them just talking.  They discussed how many languages they could each speak.  What common languages they had.  Where they had traveled, etc.  At some point on that day, the Holy Spirit, quietly spoke into my spirit, "Go to the Nations".  Suddenly it seemed possible that SOME DAY I might go to the nations! 

Now the interesting thing about this was that in 1994 I had gone on a mission trip to Mexico.  My purpose on that trip was to coordinate the Vacation Bible School program for the children in the villages that we visited.  That experience propelled me into the Children's Ministry that I have described over the last couple of days.  But somehow, that message in 2002 to go to the nations, was very different.  I just couldn't imagine how or when this might happen.  It seemed IMPOSSIBLE!

I forgot that Jesus is the God of the impossible.  Unbelievably, the entire trip to Kenya and Uganda, just fell into place.  I left the USA thinking that I was going to speak to children about their eternal destiny through Jesus.   When I returned from that trip, I knew that my message was for the ADULTS rather than to the children. Suddenly, the people that I needed to be reaching were the parents and the teachers and the pastors and the leaders, rather than the children.   Somewhere on that trip, Jesus gave me a clear message that I knew I needed to share. 

I wish that I could say that I have been successful sharing that message in the last 10 years.  But, sadly, I never really felt like I have accomplished that task.  But I do know that I was changed by that trip to Africa.  I made some amazing friends.  I understood much more clearly how Jesus was using me, just as he uses us all. 

Jesus, you are the God of the impossible.  Thank you for your provision that sent me to Africa and keeps me every day.  Holy Spirit, thank you for the reminder that even when we don't feel successful, you ARE successful.  Continue to remind me of all that has been sown into me through the years.  Thank you for reminding me that you will accomplish your plan in spite of our failings.  Amen

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