Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Knowing what is really important......

Today we were on our way to tot swim.  As we got out of the car,  Gwen was getting Anna ready, the older kids saw these geese on this little lake.  It was quite a big thing for them!  Lia was quick to explain to her younger sister and brother that the "big duck" in the front of the line of floating birds, was the "mother duck" and she was leading all of the babies behind her.  Ellie and Zeke were, of course, hanging on her every word.  They are quite happy to believe their older and much wiser sister whenever she is sharing information.  Here's the thing.  We have parked in pretty much the same place every week when we come to this pool to swim.  And this little pond with this fountain is always just in front of us.  It was this large flock of geese that caught the attention of the kids today.  And I don't know about you, but I DO NOT LIKE THESE MESSY CREATURES!  In fact, most of the parks and public areas are really horrible to walk through because of these supposedly endangered birds that have taken over!  But it was show for the kids this morning.  I don't think Lia's telling was entirely correct since all of the birds seemed to be the same size.  They were, however, swimming in a line, just as Lia had pointed out.  All three of them were totally invested in watching the geese swimming across this little pond.  It was interesting enough to draw them away from the planned activity - swimming (which they all love). 

On the way home tonight, I was thinking about how many of these "right in front of my face" things I miss because I am so focused on the activity at hand.  I think this is just a part of "older age".   Of course we know that we must be "as little children" to enter the kingdom of heaven.  And part of that being like little children is stopping to watch a flock of geese swim across a pond.  Also part of this is listening intently to those who are older and/or wiser than us. 

So tomorrow I will be looking around more carefully.  I will watch for those unexpected surprises and look more carefully at those pesky things around me.  I am convinced that there is a lot that I need to learn from this short little encounter as I watched my sweet grandchildren take in the sights.  And there is a lesson for all of us in this.  Slow down and watch the things that are right in front of you.  I am convinced that in this process, we will have an opportunity to connect and hear exactly what we have been needing from the Holy Spirit.  Here's trusting that I will have that answer to my question from yesterday in tomorrow's blog! 

Jesus, thank you for reminding me to stop and look and listen.  I love that you use these everyday things to straighten me out when I have wandered off of the path.  Holy Spirit, give me that nudge that I may need tomorrow to stop, look and listen.  And thank you for knowing exactly what I need!  Help us all to appreciate these small events and celebrate with joy, the interruptions in our intended plans.  Thank you for a wonderful day that did include swimming!  Amen

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