Friday, July 25, 2014

High School Reunion Time.... yes it's been 42 years for me!

This is the house I lived in during my high school years.  I actually took this picture tonight on the way to Ken and my high school reunion.  (By the way, that giant pine tree in the front yard was a little twig that my Dad brought back from Montana after a trip to visit my sister Julie!  I can't believe how tall it is now!) We have quite a neat group of classmates from Ken's class that plan this yearly summer reunion.  And since so many of Ken's class married people from my class (or the girls married guys from the classes ahead of theirs) they have actually opened up this yearly event to anyone from 68-76 graduating classes!  So thankfully, there are many people from my class and it is fun to catch up and reconnect. 

Tonight I was thinking about all of the different groups of kids that I called my "friends" over the 4 years of high school.  Our high school was one of the largest in this area.  Ken's class had 550 kids and mine had nearly 700. So with nearly 2,000 kids in the building, there were lots of potential "groups" to join.  And I don't mean formal "Clubs" or activities.  I mean those sort of groups that always sat at the same table in the cafeteria or met at the same spot in the hallway.  And here is the thing.  I was a pretty unremarkable girl all through high school.  I was not one of the popular kids.  I was not a cheerleader, did not play in the band, act in plays, or play any sports.  I also was not one of those "other" kids - you know that ones who hung out in the "smoking" bathroom or ditched classes.  I was just pretty average.  I had lots of different friends that each had groups of friends that I just blended into. But I would say that I had a really good high school experience.  I always had something to do and someplace to go.  I did not feel "left out" even though I never went to single formal dance during my high school years.  Yes, it was a good four years.

I think that my experience with all of these different people was really a training ground for my future.  With hindsight I am able to see just how Jesus used this time of my life to prepare me for the years ahead.   Tonight I was telling someone about my first real "car date".  A guy from Ken's class asked me to go to a Campus Life meeting.  He picked me up at my door and we drove to someone's house about a mile from my house for the meeting.  After the meeting we went to McDonalds for a coke and fries.  Yes, a Campus Life meeting!  And we went to lots of Campus Life large group meetings.  And I also went to youth group meetings at several different churches.  Without really appreciating what was happening, Jesus was directing my path. I was exposed to many different theologies and styles of worship.  I am so thankful for these years. 

Tomorrow we have the Reunion Picnic.  It is always fun to go to the same forest preserve that we spent so much time in as teenagers.  Yes, I will be doing more reflecting on these years and all that Jesus brought me through.  And I will be extra grateful for where I am right now!

Jesus, thank you for the chance to reconnect with old friends and get to know people that we did not know in high school.  Holy Spirit, remind me of your guidance and direction during these years.  Jesus, bless all the classmates that plan and carry out these events every year.  And thank you for drawing me into friendships that included church and youth group activities.  Amen

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