Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dreams and Visions restored

On Sunday evening, I was at a meeting with wonderful worship.  During the worship set, there was a point when the leader stopped the worship. He said that he had the sense that there were people in the room who had given up on their dream.  They might have had a dream or vision or prophetic word prayed for them, but it had been a hard season and the dream seemed just impossible.  And then he asked for anyone who felt this speaking to them, to raise their hands.  Others gathered around them to pray for the release and restoration of all these old dreams and visions. 

I had my hand raised, and boy were there some powerful prayers prayed over me!  One women spoke as if she knew my entire life (isn't the Holy Spirit just awesome to bring revelation like this)!  I certainly felt the power and presence of Jesus during this remarkable prayer time.  I confess that this has been a season of wondering what the dream even was!  So much so, that I don't think I even know exactly what the dream is anymore!

During that prayer, this women prayed that more than an "old dream restored" that I would receive "a brand new vision" that would propel me into the new and higher and different season of my life.  She said that she sensed that everything had changed for me and I had been turned in a new direction.  And even more than turned, I had gone up higher, like a circular staircase. 

As I have been thinking about this prayer time, I confess that I didn't have an immediate "Ah Ha!" moment when I knew exactly what this new dream was!  I remembered the time I saw this amazing double rainbow in the picture above.  It was much clearer and brighter than you see in this picture.  And both rainbows were full arc.  And I heard that there was a double blessing on the path that Jesus had for me.  I have not really seen a "double" blessing since I saw these rainbows back in 2005!  And the fact that the Holy Spirit brought this back to my mind, tells me that this is for now!  So now I am expecting!  I can't wait to realize exactly what the new dream is, as well as knowing that there will be an extra anointing on this new thing.  I love that even though the women praying for me said that it was something totally new, the Holy Spirit reminded me that, in fact, it was a restoration of this older word about a double blessing. 

Please pray that I will have clear direction and revelation of this new dream!  You can be sure that it will be shared here on this blog as soon as I have something to share! 

Jesus, thank you for powerful worship and leaders that are sensitive to the moving of your Holy Spirit.  Bless all those who were bold enough to ask for prayer during this service.  Thank you for those who stood with me and prayed for me.  Holy Spirit, would you please guide and direct me towards this new dream.  Help me to continue to walk in the correct path towards this new thing.  Thank you for your great love!  Amen

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