Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A broken shoe that brings revelation....

Can I complain a little bit here?  Can you believe that my "new" favorite drive home route (that I talked about last week) has suddenly become a disaster?  They just started ripping up that road for.....road construction.  UGHHHHH!  So, as of today, I guess I will just have to suffer through a longer drive home. 

On to the topic of the day.  Yesterday I noticed that my left sandal felt funny.   I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it - until I actually took a closer look.  The entire rubber sole of the sandal was split, all the way through to the insole!  These were not cheap shoes! And they had been new at the start of this summer.  For the last 4 years I have had to be extra careful about the kind of shoes I wear.  After a very painful bout of  Plantar Fasciitis, which took over 6 months to resolve, I really don't have any choice BUT to wear the right shoes.  I did a lot of research and found that for someone my age (!) it was especially important to prevent a recurrence of this condition.  So I watch for sales and just grit my teeth at the extra expense of the correct shoes.  So, here it is, nearly the end of the season and there are no sandals to be found anywhere.  Now this wouldn't be so bad if we were not in the midst of an incredible heat wave.  It was actually a record breaking 97 today and very humid. I was particularly disappointed to lose these sandals because they had been so comfortable!  In the midst of checking the internet to try to find the same shoes, I decided to look into getting a refund for these defective sandals!  So, I called the store and found out that they would take them back!  Even though I did not have the receipt or the box.  They were able to find my purchase through my credit card.  So today I made a quick trip to the store and was able to quickly and with no hassle, get my money back!

What a blessing!  I wasn't expecting this at all.  It was so neat to see that there are still some stores that value a customer's satisfaction and will make things right when a product doesn't perform well.  Unfortunately, this isn't the normal anymore.  Most stores have such a strict return policy that it doesn't pay to try to return something.  I was reminded of a time when Ken and I tried to return a $10 item that we had purchased the day before at an electronics store.   Even with a receipt it was an unfortunate experience.  First we had to go to customer service. After waiting in line,  they looked at the item and the receipt.  They then sent us to the counter.  Where we waited in another line.  Again, they looked at the item and the receipt.  Told us that we had to proceed to the "return counter".  Where, once again, we waited in a line.  Finally they issued us a piece of paper and sent us to yet another line, to actually finally get our $10 back!  Needless to say, we do not return to that store!

In the midst of this easy return, I was thinking about integrity.  That led me to research the definition of integrity:
  • possession of firm principles: the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards
  • completeness: the state of being complete or undivided
  • wholeness: the state of being sound or undamaged
Yes, this sounds like the God I serve!   He has firm principles and he is steadfast!  The triune God is the picture of unity - completeness.  The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are complete and undivided - in total unity with each other.  And Yahweh is totally sound!   I am so thankful that this whole episode with my shoe, actually led me to see and understand, in a new way what integrity means.  And more than that, to grasp another piece of information about the character of Yahweh. 

Jesus, thank you for using the simple things like a broken shoe, to help me understand a bit more about who you are.  Jesus, help me to take in the qualities of integrity that I have seen today. Thank you that you give all of yourself to us, when we give you everything that we are.  Lord, you are so amazing and I am so in awe of your great plan that includes helping me to understand this truth of integrity.  Holy Spirit, help me to hold on to this revelation and write it into my spirit, so that I can walk in your integrity.  And, Jesus, thank you for the store that accepted these shoes for return.  Bless them as they operate in integrity.   Amen

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