Saturday, August 31, 2013

Slowing down to notice the little things....

I just love how the Holy Spirit will bring something into my thoughts, so that I can blog about it!  Just now I was remembering something that happened yesterday morning.  I was in the car line at school to drop off two of the children that I nanny.  As I approached the drop off place, I noticed a very small boy - he had to be a new kindergartner - standing, crying right by the road.  I saw him watching a car drive out of the parking lot and knew that it was his mom.  The sad thing was that no one seemed to be paying any attention to that little boy!  So as soon as my two charges had left the car, I swung out of line and parked my car.  I made my way over to the now sobbing little boy and knelt down by him.  I told him my name and asked his - Jeff!  And yes, he was in Kindergarten and he wanted him mommy.  I asked him if he would show me where his room was and he took one last look towards the road in search of mommy, and then agreed.  So I led him down to the kindergarten rooms and found his teacher.  I explained what had happened and wished him a great day and left. 

When I was driving away, I was remembering the day of the picture above.  This was Doug's first day of Kindergarten.  I was working full time during these years and my kids went to a home daycare.  This was also a new day care provider and a different bus stop.  So, after I took this photo, I got into my car to go to work, and Doug had a major breakdown!  He began to cry and begged me to stay.  But I needed to get to work.  I remember well, driving away with Doug running after my car. I can still see him in my rearview mirror.   I cried all the way to work!   Later I found out that Doug was fine the minute the car was out of sight and happily got on the bus.   I am sure that Jeff's mom was in the same situation.  I am just thankful that I was there to repay the kindness that our daycare provider (and big sister Gwen) gave to Doug that morning. 

Today I have been thinking about all of the adults and children who just walked right by that crying little boy.  I understand that everyone is very busy and that the car line is a well-oiled machine that doesn't give anyone much time to notice anything.  But still, I wonder how long he would have stood there.  Or even worse, tried to follow his mom's car.  Isn't it sad that most of the time we are so self absorbed that we miss the things that are happening around us?  I am going to make it a point to slow down and notice the little things.  This event was such a blessing to me.  I paid a lot more attention for the rest of the day, as I was going through my usual routine. 
  1. I noticed a lady crossing a very busy street with a walker near a Jewel store.  I prayed for her safety.
  2. There was a worker putting marks on the street that dropped a tool from his pocket.  I was able to open my window and tell him about this.  He was very thankful!
  3. I saw some really beautiful flowers that must have been in that yard I passed every day - and I had never noticed them.
  4. I noticed that there was a new store opening, and again, I hadn't even noticed before.
  5. During my morning walk, I found an amazing walkway that connects to a park.   It is shaded by wonderful large trees and has neat little bridges.  Great for my 20 month old buddy!
This is just a sample of the little things that I saw and experienced yesterday.  I needed to slow down.  And I needed to pay attention.  Just as I have been reflecting upon over the last days - I need to listen to that whisper of the Holy Spirit.  And I need to listen to Jesus.  So today, I have been moving a little more slowly.  I actually took an extra 10 minutes in bed this morning, listening to the rain.  It was very soothing!  And the best thing about this, is the peace that is filling my spirit.  So take a moment right now to just close your eyes and listen to whatever is around you.  Breathe in and reflect on the aroma.  Then open your eyes and look around and notice the little things.  And be blessed.

Thank you Jesus for these reminders to us to be your eyes and ears here on earth.  Help us to be aware of those around us who might need to see or hear you through our words or actions.  Give us courage and boldness to step out when we notice things that you bring to us.  Fill us with your peace Jesus as we walk through our days.  Guide and direct us Holy Spirit.  Thank you Jesus, for your great love.  Fill us with your life and your love.  Help us to effect our world - one small action at a time. 

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