Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Step on the supersonic highway.......

I don't quite understand it, but here I am with another dream!  I believe that there must be something that I need to hear and take in to my spirit.  Since I am not hearing while awake, Jesus has decided to show me in my sleep! 
So this morning I woke up, thinking about something that looked a lot like this picture!  I confess, the only place I have seen something like this is in Terminal 1 at Ohare airport - the famous people movers!  In my experience with those, they are not very effective since most people walk rather than stand still.  In any case, that is my only frame of reference for what I saw.  In my dream I saw a moving walkway that was quite narrow and seemed to be moving very fast. There were people standing along the walkway.  It was as if they were waiting for the parade to pass by.  Suddenly a few people came into view on the walkway.  They seemed to be totally unaware of the crowds watching them. They sped by me so fast that I could not focus on them.  I did notice that there were men and women and they were of all different ages.  After one group passed by, there seemed to be a lull when there was no one on the walkway.  I watched as several groups of people passed on the walkway.  Then suddenly I was ON that walkway!  I had the feeling that I was flying.  As a matter of fact I could feel the wind in my face.  I realized that while I had thought the walkway was flat, it was in fact traveling up and down.  I also could not see anything on the sides of the walkway.  The strange thing was that I felt totally stable.  I was not afraid of falling at all.  It was an amazing ride. 
Today I was reflecting on this very strange dream.  I wrote down how I was feeling when I woke up from this dream.  First it was GOOD!  I was having so much fun - and I don't like amusement park rides. Second, I felt totally safe and at peace.  Third, I was totally unaware of anyone else around me.  It simply didn't matter who was watching me or who was with me on the walkway.  Fourth, I felt exhilarated and full of life.  It was like being charged up!  Fifth, and most importantly, I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. 
There is so much here that I will be gaining insights in the days ahead.  Jesus wants to bless us and bring us to places of great fun and enjoyment.  When you are in the correct place, you are not doing anything!  Exactly like the walkway.  Jesus is responsible to take us to the places that we need to be.  And when we are on the way to that place, we need to be "blind" to the people around us.  How many times have I not gone somewhere or done something or said something, because I was afraid of what people would think?  Far too often.  On this supersonic walkway, I couldn't even see the people!   Amazing!  And I was standing strong, firmly planted in the foundation - Jesus the rock!  Even in the ups and downs and twists and turns, I was standing and at peace.  Yep, I want to be on that walkway!
Jesus, thank you for showing me your plan to take me where you want me to go.  Thank you for this dream of your high speed highway.  Help me to willingly step on to that walkway.  Jesus help us to all keep our eyes on you and let you take us along on this amazing ride.  Thank you for reminding me that YOU are in the process of moving me along, giving me your peace, and giving me joy in the journey.  Holy Spirit, draw all those reading this blog to step onto that walkway.  Thank you for amazing dreams and visions and continued revelation.  

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