Thursday, August 29, 2013

Taking my own advice....

I think that I have mentioned (more than once) that I love to scrapbook.  I am positive that someday, I will see the full benefit of this putting pictures and words onto pages.  I am also convinced that I will see exactly what Jesus was intending as he led me into this hobby.  Well, my birthday is coming up in a week or so and I have been doing a lot of thinking about my age. And along with that, I have been thinking about goals - personal goals - both past, present and future.  I was thinking about going through some old journals to find some reminders of past goals. I was trying to decide if I have met any of my goals from last year.  Since it feels like this has been sort of a stagnant year, the answer to that question was no - no goals met.  I was feeling pretty discouraged. The prospect of even trying to come up with goals seemed daunting.  Then I happened on this picture.

This page is from a scrapbook I made for my daughter Gwen in 2004.  I am so thankful that I scanned every page of that book since I would have forgotten what I wrote.  I love the advice that I gave to Gwen on the pages of this scrapbook. 
              Don't define your life by your faith, rather let your faith shape your life!
              Be open to where God will take you as your walk your life journey.
              Don't be to comfortable where you are at because the Lord is always moving
                     forward into the future.
              Our faith will draw us with Him along that path.
              Be willing to move out of your comfort zone and into the future.
              Always see the hand of God at work in the present.
              Take time to look beyond what things seem like in the natural to see the
                      bigger, eternal picture.
               People are more important than things or places.

So I think that I have my new goals for the next year.  I love how sometimes the Holy Spirit inspires us to write something and then 9 years later, you get a glimpse of how important those words are. I am planning to keep these words where I can find them and see them often. 

Jesus, thank you so much! Thank you Holy Spirit for the inspiration for these words in 2004.  And thank you for helping me find them when I most needed them.  Jesus thank you for the amazing gift of my daughter Gwen. Jesus help me to keep these words in my spirit during the next year.  Show me how to live these words.  Holy Spirit, draw me out of that comfort zone that I seem to be stuck in, and help me to stay on yesterday's supersonic highway.  Amen 

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