Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Different Anniversary.......and feeling thankful

In a couple of days, on the 25th, it would have been my parent's 77th Wedding Anniversary.  Their Wedding Certificate above was in that amazing surprise package from my brother-in-law Roy.  And the picture is their wedding picture.  I have always loved this picture of my mom and dad.  They look so young and so happy.  Today is actually a 48th wedding anniversary of some of my good friends.  And as you know from my last couple of posts, this past weekend was a 50th anniversary of a church.  To top it all off, with my job change, Ken and I have been talking about what to do to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary that is coming up next spring. And today, looking at my mom and dad, 40 years seems kind of short!
I was thinking about my mom and dad's wedding.  They decided to get married - on the sly.  Both of them worked at Montgomery Wards and it was against the rules for married people to both work there.  They went on a Sunday afternoon to a nearby town where my dad had found a clergyman who agreed to do the wedding.  My mom's sister Bea and brother-in-law Jim were their witnesses.   My mom didn't even have a new dress for the event.  She wore one of Bea's dresses.  It really didn't matter to her.  She just wanted to be married.  They almost called off the wedding because there was a blizzard!  Not much different than the weather in South Dakota over the last couple of weeks.  But my dad was determined to get married.  My mom made the last entry in her "Five Year Diary" on her wedding day.  It reads "Well, dear diary, I am now married at Clearlake, Jim and Bea attendants.  I am now Mrs. Harry Johnson".  When they got home, Aunt Anna had a lovely cake for them and many came to celebrate.  The next weekend they drove to Ortonville, my dad's home to celebrate there.  Again, many gathered to congratulate them.  It wasn't long before they were discovered at Wards, and my mom willingly gave up her job.  The "Bride and Groom" on their wedding cake was on my cake 39 years ago, and on Gwen and Tim's wedding cake 12 years ago.  Such a very cool thing.
I am so thankful for that small, tattered and faded and crumbling, Bride and Groom.  It is a symbol of the importance of the marriage vows - of the covenant.  I felt it was so important to use that on my cake.  I remember my mom saying "why would you want to use this old thing?"  But I knew it was important.  So, when Gwen decided to use the same Bride and Groom, I felt the continuity. 
Today, I am feeling very thankful.  I am so thankful for a new job!  I am also thankful for a work physical today that gave me the "very healthy" stamp.  I am thankful for the  witness of my mom and dad's long marriage (that was not all fun and games - but was most certainly blessed).  And I am thankful for my own marriage.  I love that Jesus brings me to this point today, after the down and up day I had yesterday.  It is as if he is saying, REMEMBER!  I am so thankful that I have been looking back on family and gaining so much insight.  Today on the Elijah List I saw this from Chuck Pierce:  Godly Roots and Your Bloodline
This past week I have been praying for each of you to connect with your godly roots and to know the One who is your source of every good and perfect thing!
And this is exactly where I have been over the last few months. 
Jesus, I pray that you help each person reading this blog to connect to their own family roots.  Thank you Holy Spirit, that you are helping us to see the One that is the source of the good things in our families.  Thank you for anniversaries that remind us to stop and reflect on all that you have done Jesus.  So today, Jesus thank you for having me look back, even as I am on that up escalator!  Amen

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