Saturday, October 26, 2013

Another WOW day!

Well, here is another conference update.  Yesterday was a VERY LONG BUT VERY FULL DAY!  First of all, this worship team was amazing.  Most of the morning worship was centered around His amazing grace.

This is amazing grace, this is unfailing love
that you would take my place.

Then, in the middle of worship there was this "Prophetic Song" that really stirred my heart.
Tell my enemy, if you want to find me (And you can't find me)
I'm under the grace, I'm under the grace
It's an amazing place.

The morning speaker was from Mozambique.  Jose Novela, a Senior Pastor for Iris Ministries, oversees the Iris churches in Mozambique.  We spent the entire morning laughing.  Yes, LAUGHING!  One of the best things he said was HA, HA, HA!
I guess you would have to have been there to really understand.  It was great.  (Anyone remember the Rodney Howard-Browne days? It was a lot like that!) Then, the best thing of all, my friend Matt, who has been in a wheel chair for 13 years, was dancing with Pastor Jose!  He was hanging on to his wheelchair, but he was standing and his feet were dancing!  It was amazing! And I have a video to prove it!
The afternoon speaker was Dr. Bonnie Chavda.  Bonnie Chavda along with her husband Mahesh Chavda are the co-founding Senior pastors of All Nations Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Mahesh Chavda was the speaker both Thursday and Friday evenings.


Here are a few of the short "one liners" that I took note of from this conference!  I think that they will bless you also, as you just stop and think about them.
*We need more wine (The Holy Spirit) in our churches.
*Don't be miserable.  Stop and wait for the wine. Without that, you can't go on.
*Do whatever He tells you to do!
*When there is fighting and anger in the church, it's because there is no wine!
 (Pr. Jose was preaching from John 2 and the Feast of Cana when Jesus turned water into wine.  I loved his insight into this story.) 
*We need personal encounters of the real kind that He is present right now.
*Stretch forth your arm!
*We don't "Put ON" the Holy Spirit.  Rather He puts us on like a glove!
*Everything we do is training for reigning.
*We need to "Steward our stories" and be faithful to testify.
*When God pushes the pause button, we need to PAUSE!
*Don't waste your sorrows.  There is redemption for someone else in our suffering.
*If you set out to raise the dead, bring a sandwich!
*We need to get excited about the little things that God does!
*Get into the vibrant harmony of the Spirit's activity around you.
*We need to understand our destiny.  The movie Kung Fu Panda is an example of getting in tune with our destiny that will defeat the enemy! (Guess I'll have to watch that movie!)
*We are not defined by what is outside of us.
*Guard and steward your atmosphere.
*Pressure brings you to Principal, Principal brings you to Presence, and Presence brings you to the Promise.  In Promise there is Provision.
I am still absorbing everything I have heard so far, and there is more to come! 
Jesus, thank you again for this conference.  Bless all those who are working to make this event happen.  Thank you for the faithful people at the registration tables, at the book tables, the ushers, the runners, the sound people, the go-to people.  Bless the musicians and all those recording and video streaming this event.  Holy Spirit, let all of these people, as well as the speakers, be filled and renewed themselves in this weekend.  Give them supernatural energy and grace.  Thank you for the intercessors who continue to pray for these ministries and all the events happening around the globe.  And Holy Spirit, would you please impart the truths that I have shared to anyone reading this blog?  Help them to taste the amazing wine that I have been experiencing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Amen

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