Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It was an up and down kind of a day............

Well, just when you think things are on a downward shot, something changes and suddenly you seem to be moving up!  Today started off....well pretty depressing.  I have been sending out resumes like crazy and applying for anything that looks even sort of like something I might want to do.  This morning brought 4 "rejection" emails.  Not very promising.  So I sort of stepped onto the "going down" escalator!  Just as I was trying to remind myself of the faithfulness of God, how Jesus has provided for us, how things always work out for the best, I got a phone call.   The place that I had interviewed at last week (and at that time they said they didn't have any openings), called me and offered me the job.  So, assuming that everything goes okay with the BIG stack of paperwork that I have to complete, my physical and fingerprinting, I will be able to start.  So, yep, I jumped on that "up escalator"! 
The most amazing thing is that I am seeing wonderful things happening all around me.  Tonight I heard testimony after testimony of the incredible things that Jesus has done in the lives of my friends.  So it is impossible to be going down tonight.  So, it has ended as a "going up" kind of day.  But, in the midst of these great stories, I know that around me there are many who ARE on that down escalator.  As a matter of fact, one dear friend is really struggling right now.  There is really nothing that I can say to her or offer to help her situation.  But what I can do is hop on that down escalator with her.  I can stand beside her and travel a bit of her journey with her.  And then when we hit the bottom, I can put my arm around her and help her onto that up escalator. 
I guess what I am saying here is, that we need to be aware of what is happening to everyone that is around us.  Sometimes it is necessary to just be there with someone, even if it means going down a bit.  The good news is, that we can make a difference one person at a time when we stand with someone and help them find that up escalator.  And just a reminder here, sometimes you have to look around to find that UP escalator!  They don't always end up right next to each other!  (I actually quit shopping at a store where the escalators are on totally opposite sides of the store! It made me so frustrated that I had to walk through the entire store to get to the other escalator)
Jesus, thank you for community - for friends.  Holy Spirit help us to be sensitive to those around us who might not be in the same place as we are.  Jesus thank you for showing us how important it is to stand with our friends and to be there for each other.   Holy Spirit, thank you for testimonies that encourage us and help us to turn our path around.  And Jesus, thank you for a new job!  Amen


  1. Loved your post...sometimes it is a roller coaster, but he is faithful

    1. Thanks Larry! Glad we have faithful people around us and His faithfulness to rely on!