Sunday, October 27, 2013

When you've been touched......

Before you do anything else............please watch this video -Evangelist Nathan Morris heals blind girl  Just click that link and watch carefully.  You can actually see the amazing work of the Holy Spirit through Jesus, as this girl's eye forms.  It is so amazing.  

Okay, have you watched this?  Well, today I got to sit in the front rows of that amazing conference I've been blogging about, and have Nathan Morris actually right in front of me.  And then I got to experience the FIRE and POWER of Jesus, touch me through Nathan as he prayed for me.  I encourage you to go to Utube and watch more videos about this man's ministry.  Yes, people all over the world are getting miraculously healed.  But more than that, hundreds of thousands of people are coming to know Jesus through this ministry. 
Amazing afternoon hearing and experiencing Jesus through Evangelist Nathan Morris!
This somewhat fuzzy picture was difficult to get!  This man moved all over the room - quickly!  When you watch those videos, note the size of the crowds that are present as Nathan ministers.  It is unbelievable that he would come to this small local conference and so freely minister to all of us.  I am so incredibly blessed that Jesus arranged for me to be at this conference.  If I had NOT lost my job, I would have missed this.  And then, just before this conference started, I received word that I was hired at a new job that I start tomorrow!  Isn't Jesus simply wonderful?  I know in my heart that this was all pre-arranged so that I could sit at the feet of these teachers.  I have been filled and renewed and charged up to move into a new place in the months ahead.  And it was all possible for me - because of a job loss.  And then a scholarship to this conference (which I received so willingly from HUB Ministries).  And then a new job.  WOW! Isn't Jesus great?
A couple more things to share from this conference.  Yesterday, during worship, we sang "There is a redeemer".  That older song by Keith Green.  The atmosphere was just supercharged with the glory of Jesus, and I remembered reading Melody Green's (Keith's wife) testimony about Keith and that song. She said it was very late at night and she heard Keith at the piano.  When she came into the room as he was singing this song, she saw the glory cloud surrounding him.  If you don't know his story, take a minute and look it up.  Since I am putting you all to work today, here is the link to Keith Green singing this amazing song..There is a Redeemer.  I am praying that as you listen to this song again today, you will be touched just as I was yesterday, and hear and feel the glory of the Holy Spirit. 

Just before the service today, I checked my phone for messages.  I saw that there was a prayer request for a sweet little girl named Audrey.  She is in the hospital and has many, many health issues and concerns.  I left the Caring Bridge site open on my phone, with Audrey's picture shown.  And when Nathan prayed for me, he put his hand on my phone.  I know that Jesus touched Audrey in that moment.  I am expecting a miracle for Audrey!

Today I want to leave you with this awesome quote from Nathan Morris.  He said "Most prayer today is just unbelief clothed in wishful thinking".  I know that as I ponder this thought, remember all that I have witnessed personally, and move into that new "Stature" in the Spirit that Nathan spoke about, I will be doing more praying with belief and confidence in what Jesus is doing!

Jesus, thank you.  It seems like so little to say, but today....... just thank you.  I have been changed by your powerful working through the Holy Spirit.  So, Jesus, would your continue to pour out your powerful working miracles to everyone reading this blog today.   Shower Audrey and her family and all of the doctors and nurses tending to her, with amazing grace and peace and love.  Bless Nathan and his wife as they travel home and give them rest.  Amen

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